You will need
  • cartridge;
  • - toner;
  • - a clean dry cloth;
  • printer.
For starters, if the cartridge is in the printer, gently pull it out. Further, on a flat hard surface, put some napkins (4-5 PCs.) in one layer. This item is a must for two reasons. First, they will bear the trace of the cartridgeand, secondly, they also represent a means of protecting the cartridgeand, or rather, of the nozzle plate from damage.
Gently push the cartridge to the surface of the napkin 1 second. Remove the cartridge and look at the resulting print. Serviceable black cartridge will leave a smooth continuous line of black. Photo-cartridge or color model will leave lines of different colors running parallel to each other. If the ink in the cartridgee dried up to print put it down the "spout" in a special cleaning fluid for ten minutes and repeat the procedure.
Refilled toner cartridge check with the printerby printing a test sheet. During normal operation the image on the sheet must be legible and visible, and no ink strips and dirt.