From the purchase of defective goods, no one is immune, so in the store detail find out about the terms and conditions of the warranty, thoroughly study all documents and in no case do not throw away the receipt. Pay attention to the integrity of the buttons, no scratches, make sure that the display does not depart from the base. Upon detection of any fault, immediately ask to change the model. Better to do it now than to try to prove his innocence. Do not buy a phonewith the hands or in small shops in the markets, as it is likely that you will sell "gray" goods, and to return for it money will be very difficult.
If after some time you find fault in the new phoneand contact our store with your passport and cash cheque and write a letter of complaint. Often sellers say that after 14 days from the date of conclusion of the transaction you have no right to demand a refund. This is not so. In accordance with the law "On protection of rights of consumers" the phone is included in this group of goods for which there is no Statute of limitations for exchange if the camera is of poor quality. 14 days play a role only in the case if you are not satisfied with the size, color or other characteristics, and the phone is quite serviceable.
If store employees say that you are to blame in damage to the phoneand require examination. Since the warranty period has not expired, it needs to be done at the expense of the store. If the examiner determines that the cause of failure is defective, you may demand to return the money or give you another working model. Often, sellers simply offer you select another item by the same amount.
If you refuse to talk and not agree to refund the full cost of the phoneand contact the city Department on protection of the rights of consumers. Will be tested, and if it turns out that you are right, the money will be returned to you by a court decision.