Remember that to accurately detect the presence of worms can only be a veterinarian. Since not all species of these parasites actively manifest themselves, it is important to make time for checkups. On the presence of intestinal parasites allows us to conclude the analysis of feces, a fence which you will have to do at home. However, there are varieties of worms, whose eggs are in the feces are not present, so in any case it is recommended that regular deworming. Sometimes found in the stool not eggs, and parasites are roundworms, resembling spaghetti, and reaching a length of 5 to 10 cm you can see yourself, without resorting to the clinic. Also contained in the vomit of the animal. But even the presence of one species of parasites does not exclude the other, so the survey will need in any case.
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Closely monitor the behavior of adult cats. To suspect the existence of worms by symptoms such as wiping the priests, irritation of anus, constant nipping region at the root of the tail. While there is a misconception that worms necessarily cause a decrease or, conversely, increased appetite. It's not necessary, and your pet can continue to eat as usual, even when infected with helminths.
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Especially carefully it is necessary to observe the kittens. For them, worms are much more dangerous than for adults, and can lead to serious illness or even death. Infected kittens often weak and behind in development. Exhaustion, lethargy, signs of apathy and lack of interest in food, it is a serious signal to go to the doctor.
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Please note that small children and animals often become infected with the same parasites. So if anyone of them found worms, it is necessary to check the others.
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