Advice 1: How to find missing in the Great Patriotic war

Almost every family was affected by world war II. Someone returned from the battlefield, and many remained there forever. And frequently, they find the place of death of the soldier was not possible. Then he entered in the lists of missing persons. Some, got there, came home alive and healthy. The fate of the others is not known.
To find a person who participated in the great Patriotic war, visit the sites,, Here are the base names of the dead people discovered by search parties. Enter the name and surname of the missing person. If there is additional information - age, rank, medals - enter it. Perhaps he is already in the list. Then you will know the place of his burial. If the first time no information to extract failed - don't despair. Retry two or three times a month. The database is constantly updated, supplemented with new data.
Please contact the military-Patriotic clubs that exist in your area. Information about them can be found on the Internet. Bring them a picture of a missing relative, please indicate her year of birth, hometown and approximate location. Search engines will bring these data to a common base, and the man will start looking for similar groups across the country.
Email or call the unique international project - the program "Wait for me". Its volunteers are searching for missing during the Great Patriotic war not only on the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also in other States. To get to the base of the transfer, fill out the form on the website There, as detailed as possible, describe signs of a person. Add text to the photo, if it survived. Work on the detection of the missing will begin immediately. Weekly staff "Wait for me" looking for fifty people. Thirty percent of them - soldiers, officers, partisans, who did not return from the battlefields.

Advice 2: How to find the missing person

Even now, in peacetime, every year disappear without a trace hundreds of thousands of people. Someone becomes a victim of an accident. Someone suffering from bandit attacks. Among the elderly is fairly common sudden memory loss in multiple sclerosis. The missing person is always a terrible blow for his family. Often people don't even know where to go with the trouble.
So the police began a missing person, relatives must apply to the Department of residence. Search adult person (over 18) the police will start 3 days after application. The child must declare the wanted list immediately.
To find the missing easier, be sure to tell the police his picture and let special features. As much detail as possible describe what you were wearing and your relatives and where he was going.
Police put out an APB for all County departments. Leaflets with a photograph of the missing put up on information boards in public places. In addition to photos and special signs will be there and contact details, which can report information about a missing person.
The next step is the most difficult calls to hospitals and morgues. If your missing relative were not in possession of the documents, you may have to drive to identify. Ask friends and acquaintances to support you in this difficult time. Maybe someone agree to share with you this task. That'll take you more health facilities and save time.
If your efforts have not yet yielded any results, don't despair. Refer to Internet portals dedicated to finding missing people. Groups of volunteers from different districts will begin the search for your family member.
Look for the media, those who post ads about missing. In addition to Internet resources that can be TV channels, Newspapers and magazines. Many of them place ads about lost people absolutely free.
Your main task now - not to give up. You have to be prepared for the fact that searches can take a long time, while not bringing any result. But in any case don't lose hope. It happens that the missing relatives back in a year or two, or even ten years. So please be patient and in no case do not lose faith in good.
The missing person is always trouble, and a lot of nerves for ditching his family. Therefore, it is not necessary to subject them to such tests. To law enforcement, adopted a statement must pass three days since the disappearance.
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If a person is unable to find through a friend, contact law enforcement authorities. And not have to wait a few days, the earlier you begin search activities, the greater the likelihood of finding the missing and prevent causing him any harm. The controller will prompt the address and phone number duty of the territorial police Department and, if necessary, will advise. Turning in a call center, remember that police duty can not refuse to accept statements about a missing person regardless of the length of his...
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Before you ask for help in the program, clubs and sites, try to find out as much information as possible about the missing. Probably kept the letters. Then you will have a writing sample. Or someone from the relatives will remember in which the troops he served. With extensive information, to find a man much easier.
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