How useful cranberries

Red berry swamp is a storehouse of important nutrients. It contains vitamins b and C, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, a complex of acids (citric, quinic and others) and tannins. This combination in one berry makes it indispensable in the diet.

Perhaps the most popular feature of the cranberries was antipyretic, antimicrobial. Enough to drink cranberry juice for a few days, and the virus will retreat, and in addition, the weakened body will receive additional energy, since cranberry contributes to appetite, digestion of even the heaviest dishes and gives courage. Contained in berries are flavonoids and pectin play in the recovery process not the last role.
In long voyages are available on the ship, the cranberry was considered the most successful acquisition: it could not be afraid of scurvy.

Cranberry extracts and fresh berry useful in the treatment of nervous and cardiovascular systems (particularly hypertension), so as to force the visitor to the swamps to give elasticity to vessel walls and calm person, prone to stress. Also cranberries, thanks to the ursolic acid rescued from the formation of kidney stones and reduce the risk of cancer.
If you collect the cranberries after the first snow, it will be more sour. Collected in the spring from melting snow sweet, but how long this berry is not stored.

Of course, the cranberries — salvation modern cosmetology. Fans of natural care products prefer those which include cranberries. Take a drink of it every day — and hair and nails will Shine and gain strength thanks to the vitamin B. Rinse the oral cavity with the content of cranberries (and, hence, citric acid and calcium) — and the teeth will not be afraid of tooth decay and plaque. Great content in the cranberry tannins will help to escape from skin lesions (acne, enlarged pores), so a mask or poultice of sour berries so coveted in beauty salons.

What to cook from cranberry

The simplest remedy is blend of natural honey and pureed cranberry in any proportions determined by individual taste. This delicacy is perfect with a cold or if you want to regain some activity and to be in good shape.

Obesity, colitis and heartburn perfectly the juice from the cranberries with beetroot in a ratio of 1:1. Pure cranberry juice is used for lubrication of weeping wounds, thanks to a drying and dezinfeciruyuhimi the property (the reason iodine). A decoction of the berries together with leaves for minutes will relieve headaches.

In hot weather milk shake cranberry raspberry get rid of excessive sweating and give a rested appearance. You just need the blender mix the berries, milk, ice-cream and sugar (optional). Cranberry was and still is a welcome treat in any home.