The advantages of interior doors from wood

First of all, the door of wood features a presentable appearance. Installation of interior wooden door allows you to decorate a modern home to bring in comfort warmth and comfort. Beautiful and high quality door is the epitome of good taste of the owners of the apartment or house.
Wood doors can last for quite a long time – about 30 years. In addition, they have excellent heat and sound insulation properties.

It is also worth noting that wooden doors are manufactured in a wide range at a very different price. This allows the buyer to choose the option that it will seem the best - from the simplest to the most exclusive and unconventional.

Interior wood door can embody a variety of design solutions. This material is able to fit into any style of interior, whether it country, traditional classic or fashionable hi-tech. The diversity of species of natural wood, which are used for the manufacture of door frames, which causes a wide range of colors, from the color of the alder and ash trees to deep dark tones.

Interior doors made of natural hard wood, have high reliability, functionality and durability. Proper treatment of wooden doors guarantees their fire and environmental safety, resistance to damage and deformation. To purchase designs from natural wood better from reliable vendors. Then the product is unlikely to cause in the coming years, any problems.

The installation of interior doors from wood

After delivery of the door leaf should be left in the room for 2-3, and even better for 5-7 days to door material "used" to the humidity and temperature of the room in which it will be installed. While the door need not to put on side ribs, and put in a vertical position.

It is also important to remember that the installation of wooden interior doors need to be performed after completion of all damp repairs, since the tree is very sensitive to humidity changes. For example, the floor screed with a thickness of 3 cm needs to dry for about 3 weeks. If this condition is ignored, interior doors swell. Wet works are creating ties on the floor, pasting Wallpaper, plastering walls.
Installing interior doors is the final step of the repair. If the room is sufficiently dry and has no drafts, works will be carried out better and faster.

The best way high-quality installation of interior doors - call of the masters. Arrived at the place of installation, they will begin with the dismantling of the old door. This should be done very carefully so as not to spoil the walls. Further, in the door panel after taking all the necessary measurements bust accessories: door handle and lock.

Special expertise is required when installing the lock with a magnetic latch, as in this case must be especially careful to match the box and the door when installing, to make all measurements with great accuracy. When there is an error in installing the door stop slam.

Installing the door frame, and if necessary, transoms, fixing on the door leaf and box loops. The door hung on the hinges, and the box with spacers to carefully adjust the size, so that the door can be easily open and close.

After that, the gap between the wall and box zapisyvaetsya and the foam is left to dry. Fully it dries for a day, while a wooden door needs to be closed. After drying, remove the foam spacers, again carefully check the functionality of the door and then a box fixed trim.

Repair wooden interior doors

Profilaktiki inspection of interior wooden doors need to spend about 1 time a year. This is done for the detection of small faults, making it possible to prevent more serious damage. Opustevshiy need to tighten the screws in the hinges, the screws on the handle, lubricate the hinges to eliminate squeaks.

If a curved box, the door no longer tightly closed, but to fix it. First of all, you need to remove the door, then align the box using the construction level, and then secure it with the help of props in a level position.

Further, on the inner side of the box bore a hole punch through it in the left and right sides. Thus it is necessary to go into the wall at least 5 cm on each side there should be 2 holes, one top and bottom. These holes should be to drive a metal or wooden pins (in the second variant, they need to lubricate).