Advice 1: How to make a brochure

Before you contact a company that offers printing services, you would do well to understand some of the intricacies and sequences of the process.
Once you have decided on the topic of the brochure, you need to layout and design. Start to write with the information you want to place in the brochure. After working on the text, you'll know exactly what kind of brochure you want to order in the printing. Often brochures order A5 or A4 size. Dwell on their features.
A5 format – most of this text publication, they are usually there is more text than illustrations. Therefore, A5 booklets have traditionally done inside black and white with full color cover. These brochures are cheaper in the preparation and printing. However, text information is perceived not as good as the graphics.
A4 – often this is a full color publication which is used in the case if you want to show the consumer the importance of the project, its "viability" and to give them maximum visual and textual information. Brochures this format is usually printed on good coated paper. These brochures work well on the image of the customer/project, but expensive to implement.
The layout of the brochures is carried out by means of a special werstling programs, and, therefore, requires knowledge of these programs. Assume that you refer to the experts, and not dwell on the types and characteristics werstling programs.
Design is an important stage in the preparation of brochures, give him more time. Because, as far as is good, attractive design directly affects the success of your advertising campaign. When choosing the design always proceed from the content of the brochure. Make your choice in good style, quality, affordability and beauty. Design should not only display the meaning of the text, but to complement it, to cause a desire in the consumer to read the pamphlet, take it in hand and examined it. One word to attract and retain attention.
There are two types of brochures printing: offset and digital. Both methods have their advantages. Choosing a printing method based on their financial capabilities. Digital way faster but more expensive. Offset printing requires more time, but cheaper, especially with a large circulation.
The Assembly brochure is an important moment, the final chord of a great work. And in order that the Assembly went well and without problems, the whole process from the beginning was to go flawlessly – or, at this late stage, will emerge all the "shoals".

Advice 2: How to make a brochure in word

Need to mark up a document in booklet format may occur for different reasons. This ease of reporting, and cost savings of consumables and preparation of printed products for publishing. All these problems can be resolved by using a text editor Word.

The format of the brochure

Many had to deal with the need to print the document so that it had the booklet format. This format is easier to print the guidelines, lectures, small books, leaflets. The booklet not only comfortable and familiar to the reader, but also economical in the use of paper and ink.
The format of the brochures is determined by its length and width when folded. Usually for reasons of aesthetics brochure format more than A4 and A5 are made less rare.

It is important to note that the brochure is best done from the newly created document. So you can exclude problems with the location of the various elements used in the document. You can also make a booklet of the finished document.
In a text editor Word typeset the booklet in A5 format on A4 sheets, dividing it in half on the long side on two pages.

Layout brochures in word

In the menu "File" select "page setup". Then go to the tab "Fields". Here you can set the document margins to your liking. The fewer fields, the more involved the useful space of the page. In the next step you need to select "Brochure" from the "Multiple pages". After this is done, the page orientation will change to landscape if it was this book.

Now you can customize the brochure, the fields "Inside and outside", you must specify the number of spaces, placed in the inner and outer part of the field; in the field "Binding" is the number of spaces required for binding; in the "page setup" - other settings.

Tasks to print

To configure tasks to print you want under "Number of pages in the brochure" specifying the number of pages to be printed as one booklet. If the document number of pages higher than this number, then word prints the document as multiple booklets.

To go directly to print the document, click "File" and select "Print". Often, many printers do not have built-in duplex printing function of the document, so in the print window, tick the "Duplex printing".

First print one side of the page, then receive an offer to turn the pages and re-insert them in the printer the opposite side. Just press the button to continue printing to complete the process of making brochures in Word.
"Brochure" is a word of French origin, from "broker" - sew. Accordingly, the booklet always stitched or stapled in any way.
Brochures are of various types: methodical, advertising, poems, workbooks and many others.
Useful advice
For printing of small circulations of black - and-white brochures it's better to use "Lables".
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