What should be the purse and its contents

The ideal bag must meet the needs of his mistress. If you prefer to do full makeup, keep the makeupthat you want to update. You will probably need powder, lipstick or lip gloss, eyebrow pencil or shadow. If you paint your fingernails, put in a makeup bag a small bottle of varnish - it will quickly adjust to splinter enamel. Useful nail file. Choose cardboard with spray - fragile glass nail files break easily.

If you almost never wear makeup, keep makeup oil blotting sheets that will help you to quickly refresh your face. In the summer and not interfere with the mini-spray with thermal water - it can be sprayed on the face and body. Do not carry bulky bottles with toilet water - better throw it in the bag a couple of tubes of samples.

The size and shape of the bags depend on the amount of makeup that you carry. The model of the zipper, reminiscent of the canisters. Rational and neat, girls will like the cosmetic bags made of transparent plastic, allowing without efforts to find the desired object. Mini bags in the form of a pouch look funny, but take up too much space. In addition, they can suddenly open up, spilling cosmetics.

The main thing - accuracy

Cosmetic bag should be kept clean. If the bag is torn, greasy or there was peeling paint, buy a new one. Do not store in the purse extra items. Nightly iterate over its contents, adding the right makeup and laying out what is irrelevant. Change your puff in the powder compact, cleaning the brushes and sponges. To observe the rules of hygiene, these accessories are best kept in separate bags.
Do not put in the makeup of sharp pins or scissors - they will scratch the boxes compacts and lipsticks.

Remove from cosmetic old makeup - caked mascara, lipstick, the remains of which have to pick out a match, the worn powder. You should not store cosmetics packaging, cardboard boxes very quickly take a deconstructed finish. An exception can be made for velvet sheaths that protect powder boxes and boxes of blush from scratches.
Regularly empty the beauticians crumbs, specks of dust and other rubbish.

Check expiration dates of cosmetics. Should not keep cosmetics for more than a year, especially for cream products and mascara. If the media smells badly peeled off or discolored, throw them away - most likely, the makeup gone bad. Without regret get rid of leaky bottles, bad closing boxes, pencils, lost caps. If this beauty is dear to you, keep it in a homemade dressing table.

To audit a purse you need at the beginning of each new season. With the onset of summer add a pair of probes, a light toilet water, cleanser and refreshing swipe of bronzer and bright lip gloss. In winter put it in her purse tight lipstick, cream powder and highlighter, which day makeup can easily transform into evening.