Advice 1: How to paint beautiful eyes with a black pencil

To enhance the beauty of your eyes with a black pencil every woman dreams of being neatly and correctly delineated, the eyes become bottomless and attract the admiring male glances. And learn the art of makeup can each representative of the fairer sex.
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - a common pencil;
  • pencil for eyes;
  • - q-tip;
  • liquid for removing makeup;
If you have to paint eyes with pencil first, then first take a sheet of paper, draw eyes on it and train yourself to hold to the contours neat flowing lines with a pencil - this will allow you to feel more confident when creating makeup directly on the eyes.
Take a sharpened, soft black pencil for eyes and slide it directly at the base of the eyelashes a neat line on the upper eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, trying to replicate the natural contour of the eye. Don't make the line too wide - it is better to first hold a narrow line, and then shade it where necessary in accordance with the intended image. End with a line from the pencil have a slight curve up and this hand makes the eyes more open. If desired, you can paint over a pencil and lower lid, but in this case, ensure that a line has not reached the inner corner of the eye is valid only when creating a striking evening look.
If you are the owner of close set eyes, start to draw a line of black pencil from about the middle of the upper eyelid. Do not press on the pencil much - in your case the arrow should be soft and not too pronounced. From holding the line on the lower eyelid with close-set eyes should be abandoned.
Keep a pencil line around the ciliary edge and gently bring her to the temple, if nature has endowed you with eyes round shape so your eyes will visually change on the amygdala. When effective hands to his head as know - shouldn't do it too long, otherwise it will look defiant. The bottom line in this case can be slightly lowered.
Make the line of the pencil is not too tight, and slide the arrow across the edge of the eyelashes if your eyes are set wide on the face is such a visible and dense line visually will make them a little less and give your eyes a special charm.

Advice 2: How to draw eyes with a black pencil

Black pencil is great even for daytime makeup, and using it, you can come up with many ways to emphasize the eyes. But even such a simple tool must be able to use and to follow some rules.
The advantages of pencil eyeliners is its simplicity, the opportunity to correct minor errors, it is well drawn, corrects and emphasizes the eye contour. Black pencil should be soft, but well-sharpened - in this case, the line would be quite natural and neat. Be sure to rate and try the tester, slide the skin his hands a few lines. Pay attention to how rests the pencil doesn't break and if it crumbles while applying, and also try lightly rubbed line to check resistance.
You have to make sure that the black eyeliner pencil you will go. If you have small eyes, it is to give and to draw eyes soft shadows of the dark natural shade, as the black line slightly reduces the eye. Also, do not draw eyes with a black pencil, if you have very light hair, eyebrows and eyelashes - in this case it is better to use a dark brown pencil.
If you use shadows, you must apply and good shade before applying the eyeliner. Remember that after this procedure, it is desirable to have nothing to fix and adjust, as combined with shadows eyeliner will look messy and sloppy.
If you are not using shadows, then degrease the skin of the eyelid soft cosmetic agents (e.g., water-based two-phase fluid for removing makeup from the eyes) and a little powder the eyelids are transparent and light powder. This will help the line to go very smoothly, and the makeup will stay all day. This is especially important because the eyes are a little watery and tired almost all.
Swipe a clean line on the upper eyelid, trying to squeeze the pencil as close to your lash line. This, again, is necessary in order not "lost" the space of your eyes and they look smaller. If the outer corner of your eyes as if looking down a little, you should utoliti and lift line, completing the makeover with a graceful curved tip upward.
How to sum the lower eyelid? First, the line in any case should not be sharp - so please be a special applicator or soft cotton buds to blend and significantly soften the line eyeliner. Better if you hold the pencil vertically, and carefully, stroke by stroke, drawing the line lower lashes.
Try to bring the eye in natural lighting - this will help to maximize naturalness. What if a little dim or the wrong light seems beautiful and natural, on the street and in normal day light may seem too bright and even sloppy.
If the lines from the pencil in front the result was not too smooth, remove excess using a cotton swab dipped in liquid makeup remover.
Useful advice
To get a fashionable fuzzy line on the eyelids, apply the arrow on top of the dark shadow and blend the eyes will look very expressive!
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