How to make lightening lotion from the leaves of the plant Golden mustache

The recipe of this cosmetic product is:
- the leaves of the plant Golden mustache;
- vodka;
- Apple cider vinegar.
Liter jar half filled with leaves on top and pour (to the brim capacity) vodka. Leave the dishes for 2 weeks in a cool dark place, with daily intense shaking the contents of the jar. After two weeks, the infusion is filtered and diluted Apple cider vinegar (2:1 ratio). This lotion is poured into a glass container, sweaty cover with a lid and placed in a refrigerator (shelf life – 1 month). Twice a day is recommended to cleanse the skin. The effect is stunning: 1-1. 5 weeks the skin becomes elastic and firmer, and brown spots are barely noticeable.
Alcohol lotion best used sparingly when dry skin: it is too drying.

Parsley for skin lightening facial

This plant is perfectly whitens the skin. To prepare a lotion from age spots and freckles, I take these here parts:
- ½ Liter of vodka;
- 3 tbsp chopped parsley.
Pour the vodka plant and leave the container with the mixture in a dark place to steep for 12-14 days. After strain the infusion and pour into a glass container. Store the finished cosmetic product in the refrigerator for no more than a month. This whitening lotion wipe the skin twice a day.

Also perfectly whitens the skin a cosmetic, which includes such ingredients:
- 2 tbsp of parsley;
- 40 ml of vodka;
- 2 tbsp juice of mountain ash;
- 2 tbsp of lemon juice.
The components are thoroughly mixed. Ready lotion (keep it no longer than a month in the refrigerator) wipe the skin twice-thrice a day.

In addition, of parsley juice cooking cosmetic ice. This parsley juice mixed with cooled boiled water (ratio 1:10), the solution is poured in molds and freeze. Ice cubes, rubbed his face: such procedures not only whiten the skin, but also tone and refresh it.

How to whiten skin rice brothOhm

To cook congee, you take the following products:
- 1 tbsp of rice;
a bit of water.
Rice cook on low heat, stirring occasionally and not letting it be soft after boiling. Then ready broth is filtered through a folded in 2-3 layers of cheesecloth and cooled. Cooled broth pour in molds and put in the freezer. Cosmetic ice from the rice-water is recommended to wipe the face before going to bed.
Store frozen broth should be in the freezer no more than 3 days.

Skin whitening cucumber toner

Perfectly whitens the skin tonic, the recipe of which is:
- 3 tbsp of crushed seeds of cucumber;
- 1 Cup vodka;
- mineral water;
- 1 tbsp of lemon juice.
Cucumber pulp pour vodka and insist 7-8 days. Then filter the infusion, add the same amount of mineral water and lemon juice. For reviews prepared with this recipe is the cosmetic product gives the skin a beautiful smooth color, tones it, and moisturizes.