The popularity of the question about increasing the size of the penis not the bare physiology. The appearance of manhood is directly linked to the sense of self, status, psychological state of its owner. Often men think in order to increase the penis, under the pressure of stereotypes, love failures and other factors and resorted to concrete action without objective necessity. <a href=How to increase penis" src="" /> in 1942 in the scientific revolution introduced the concept of "small penis syndrome". However, it is surprising that they are significantly more likely to suffer men with normal penis size than those of the so-called micropenises (length up to 7 cm in erect state). Как увеличить половой член What is the reference size of the male sexual organ? According to the Kinsey Institute, the average size of penis in erect state varies between 12.5 and 15 see "British urological journal" refers to the boundaries of 13.75-15.5 cm, and survey manufacturer of Lifestyle condoms 2001 found the average length of the penis among their respondents, approximately equal to 14.7 cm Как увеличить половой член In 2009, "British urology" the magazine acknowledged that to increase the size of the penis is possible, the proviso that for wide application of techniques in practice, you need to hold a lot of scientific research that will record their performance and safety. There are several solutions to the problem of increasing the penis: drugs (pills and ointment), complexes of exercises, including using special stretching devices and weights, plastic surgery and combinations of methods.

Как увеличить половой член

Pharmaceutical industry each season produces a new line of products for penis enlargement. Part of the tablets and dietary Supplements often includes components such as vitamins B3 and E, ginseng, dodder seeds, the herb Epimedium, Ginkgo Biloba, hawthorn, Cayenne pepper and other stimulating substances. Creams and gels contain the active form of testosterone. The use of all these drugs leads to increased blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which ultimately contributes to its growth. Drugs are prescribed a course of about 4 months.

The effectiveness of these funds is questioned by the fact of quick change items on the market. And their safety for the body is not proven as a major medical research has not been conducted. With all this, medications are often used in combination therapy, making company mechanical training. Как увеличить половой член The combination of methods to increase the penis resulted in a whole direction - SFC (natural penis enlargement). The principle of the program consists of regular performance of exercises that stimulate penis growth. Universal no complexes, they are made individually, by trial and error. However, the SFC announced a rather attractive results - the possibility of increase of a member by a third.

Training subdivided into stretching, cardiovascular and secondary. They may be using different devices or without them. One of the most popular techniques is the jelqing. This method of manual treatment on polyregional penis, performing actions reminiscent of milking.

Of special devices is very popular is the extender, there are a variety of types, but the principle one is mechanical stretching of the penis.

Detailed descriptions of various techniques and their effectiveness are discussed at specialized forums of Numerov.

The use of special methods and tools rarely brings the promised results, but has a psychological effect, reinforces including communication with peers. Как увеличить половой член In plastic surgery the most common operation in this segment - ligamentary. During her incising the ligament that holds the penis, then installed the extender which stretches the tissue. The operation takes about 15 minutes of time wearing the device lasts for several months. As a result of ligamentum remains visible scars, and the length of the penis increases by about 4 cm.

Girth of the male penis change in two ways: by injection under the skin's own fatty tissue or implantation of a rectus muscle. In the first case, the effect of the operation does not last long, after some time, the width decreases again in the worst case unevenly, leaving unsightly lumps. The second will have to sacrifice cubes press on the abdomen.

To decide whether to carry out the operation, you should consult with doctors, not just surgeons, but also with psychologists, the problem may be not so much external, but internal. Как увеличить половой член Links to resources mentioned in this article, containing more detailed information and specific instructions you will find in the "Sources".