Within a few years has changed the laws and ultimately the citizen of the Russian Federation, who came to Moscow and stayed 90 days, you need to issue a certificate of temporary registration at the place of stay, not to break the law.

Documents that must be provided to the passport office, if not a citizen rents an apartment and is living with relatives or friends:
- photocopy of passport(first page and the sheet with the recording of continuing registration), all done on one sheet and the original;
- if with an adult child is registered, we will need a photocopy of the birth certificate and the original.

From providing housing:
- photocopy of passport(first page and a sheet entry on permanent registration) and the original;
- photocopy of evidence of ownership of the apartment the original.

If a citizen rents an apartment, it will need:
- photocopy of passport two pages on one sheet and the original;
- the contract for the rental of premises;
- if it is registered and the child, a photocopy of the birth certificate and the original.

In the first case, the passport office will need to come together with the owner to write a statement which will indicate who will live and who is issued a temporary registration.

In the second case, the employer's premises may go and obtain a temporary registration on their own.

Application forms are issued on the spot at the passport office. You need to wait ten minutes while the employee passport will be documents and deliver print with signatures from the chief of the passport office.

The timing of the receipt of the certificate of temporary registration shall be fixed by the staff. Although by law, shall issue within three working days, but sometimes it happens that within ten working days.