There are about five types of stretching:
1) is Active. You stretch your muscles and ligaments themselves.
2) Passive. For this stretch you will need a partner who will help stretch the muscles.
3) Dynamic. Stretching based on a gradual alternation of movements that cause light tension, and movements aimed at stretching other muscles.
4) Ballistic. Stretching is due to the springy movements, jerks, swings.
5) Static. Considered one of the most effective types of stretch marks. All exercises do not require active movements.
The warm-up. She needed to warm up the muscles. This will suit jumping, running in place, waving the arms and legs or simply intense walking for 10-12 minutes. This is enough time to go to the exercises for stretching.
Sit on the floor (on a Mat) and extend your legs. Fingers try to reach the toes. The back should be straight. Reaching up to the toes, hold for 20-30 seconds and breathe out. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times. Watch your back, don't slouch.
Sit so that one leg was stretched out straight in front of you, and the second side at a right angle (90°) relative to the first. If a right angle is not obtained, try to achieve this will certainly help the foot with the hands over the body drag. Change the position of the feet: right in front, left to side, then the opposite – left front, right side. Remember the right angle. The back should be straight.
In the supine position raise your foot strictly at right angles to the body. Spread them apart and hold for 1 minute. Then connect, drop on the floor, rest 10 seconds. And up and spread legs, pausing in this position for 1 minute. Alternate with rest. Repeat the exercise in the first workout day 10 times in the following days, increase the load at its discretion.
Stand up, alternately lift the leg forward 90°. The back is straight. First, follow the foot for 15-20 times, then lift the leg, try to keep it in this position for 20-30 seconds. The number of these exercises can be arbitrary, but the more the better.
And now this same exercise, only the legs should be lifted, then swung to the side. First max, then delay leg on the weight.
The following exercise is performed while standing. Make a sharp lunge the right leg forward at a right angle. Do rock, squat movement (in the groin, should be felt stretching) for 20-30 seconds. Then lunge forward with your left foot and repeat the movements. The exercise is performed 6-8 minutes.
In the standing position raise your right leg, bent at the knee, and press it to his chest. Take leg to the side, lock. Then by hand try to take the leg as far as possible to the side (you should feel a stretch the muscles). Change the leg and repeat the exercise.
Standing one leg cast on the back of a chair, table or windowsill (if you do exercise at home) and by bending the leg at the knee, move the whole body in the direction of the subject, which throw the foot. 10-15 times. Change the leg.
Consider also passive stretching. For this you need a helper, which, however, will take their responsibilities without fanaticism. The idea of this stretching is that the exercises you performed earlier, you will help third-party people. Pressure on your shoulders and legs it will make your muscles stronger stretch. It is worth considering that this method has its disadvantages. For example, passive stretching by 20% and reduces the strength of your muscles. Static passive stretching does weakens the nerve impulses of muscles that you train. This causes them to sagging. And the fact that passive stretching can cause a tear of the soft tissue, it is also quite frequent.