Advice 1: How much is a good netbook, laptop, tablet

On the mobile market, a large number of various gadgets that became the reason of falling of the prices for the most popular devices – netbooks, laptops and tablets. They can be purchased at different prices at almost any electronics store or online store.


Cost netbooks are somewhat lower than the cost of many laptops with better specifications. This is due to restrictions imposed by the netbook to use the software – for example, the device to run the new computer games or CPU intensive programs.

The cost of the netbook depends on your needs. A good device from MSI, ASUS or Acer you can buy for a price that will not exceed $350. Each of these devices has approximately the same characteristics (2 or 4 GB of RAM, dual-core processor) and will be able to successfully perform the required user task.
If you want to buy a device with dust-proof case and a more productive filling, you will have to pay for the device is about $500.


Depending on the tasks you plan to perform on the laptop will vary and requirements to components of the device. How much would cost a laptop computer will depend on its performance.

For office applications, graphics editing applications, video processing, and most games you will have to pay for a device with an i3 processor and discrete graphics card with memory of 1 GB, which will take the burden of processing complex graphical elements. The device must have RAM at least 4GB. The price of this laptop will start at $550 and end with $800, which will be the device a class above. These laptops will be able to show improved performance when working with the system and start the game.


The cost of a good tablet PC on the market of modern mobile devices can vary. The average price of a portable device that has sufficient performance for stable implementation of all required user tasks, will be approximately $500 and above.
For lovers of good Windows tablet would have cost $550. New iOS device will cost about $600 is the price for iPad 4 with the availability of slots for SIM and memory of 16 GB.

For the money you can buy a device known company (Samsung or ASUS). The device will stand two - or Quad-core processor with memory 2 GB built-in hard drive 32 or 64 GB and an additional GPU. The device will be powered by the Android OS.

Advice 2: How much is the tablet

Modern tablets differ in their characteristics, which are reflected in their price. Also, the cost of gadgets is also influenced by the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how much can cost the tablet with the required parameters.

Tablet screen

Almost all the tablets presented on the Russian market, have touch screens, which diameter can be from 7 to 11 inches. There are also tablets with a large screen, but they are very few. The cheapest tablet will be a gadget with a seven-inch display and outdated TFT-matrix.

The price of these devices ranges from 2000 rubles, but they are actively replacing the tablet with IPS-matrix screen, which is brighter and more saturated colors. The price of such a device would be about 1000 rubles more expensive. The increase in screen diameter of 1 inch requires an increase in the price of the device is approximately 800-1200 rubles with equal characteristics for the remaining parameters.

The internals of the device

The screen though is very important factor in the formation of value tablet, but it depends on less than a third of the price of the device. The next third is the internal components: processor, RAM, built-in communication device, a camera, a slot for SIM-card and more. A simple tablet with a nice and bright screen and a simple filling (1 core CPU, 1 GB RAM, GPS navigation and Wi-Fi) will cost from 3000 rubles.

The cost will rise depending on the number of processor cores, the availability of 3G/4G standard, the screen size and the ability to work as a full-fledged computer (connecting keyboard, mouse, removable media memory, etc.). The price can be more than a dozen thousand rubles.

Here it is worth noting the built-in camera in the tablet. No matter what price range the tablet is to the consumer, the quality of his shots will be much lower than those of the simple "soap tray". Therefore, when choosing a tablet, you should not rely on the number of megapixels of his camera.

A brand

About 20-30% of the cost of the device can be its brand. From the brand depend on the costs of marketing, promotion, and selection of the supplier of the filling device. If the person is important to have on hand a tablet of a famous brand, it needs to be prepared for additional spending. But a quality brand means high-quality technical support and good warranty service.

For example, popular tablets are the devices under the brands of Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, ASUS, and others. For the consumer wallet is more likely to be attractive devices under the brand Lenovo, as the high quality products these devices are low cost. The price of tablets from this company range from 6000-7000 rubles.

The most expensive and flagship devices are tablets under the brands of Samsung and Apple. If the buyer is not willing to part with a sum of 10000-15000 rubles, then look at the tablets these brands is meaningless.
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