For what reasons can a guy dump a girl

Although it is not the old days, for many guys it is very important that their girls were loyal to them. So if a guy finds out that his beloved has changed (or has just cause for such suspicion), he will probably break up with her.
Even if the partner will be generous and forgive, the same confidence and condescension to the girl will be gone. Therefore, their relationship may soon break.

Often the reason for the gap is an obvious dissimilarity in the character, tastes, habits, Hobbies. In itself, this dissimilarity is not dangerous. But if a girl tries to "convert" your young man, imposing his own tastes and habits, the case could end up in a relationship.

The guy can throw a girl in the case, if disappointed in her. In the beginning of the novel, young people often idealize each other, seeing one of dignity and turning a blind eye to the shortcomings (or even not noticing). And then, after some time, when passions have a little subsided, the young man suddenly can notice and realize that the character of his girlfriend is far from perfect, she's acting too casually, cooks badly, and nothing to do, if you look in bed, they do not. The result will not keep itself waiting long.
Especially the probability of a rupture of relations if a guy will pay attention to the other girl, on all counts superior to his partner.

The rupture of relations can happen and in that case, if the girl was too jealous and constantly watched the guy say where he was, talking to someone. Little guy will suffer such inconsiderate infringement on their freedom.

The girl is the pattern of all the virtues, and still left her. Why?

But the following happens: a partner is almost perfect in every way, behaved impeccably. It would seem that the guy on hand was supposed to wear it, and he was gone. What can I say? "Alien soul – darkness". Human behavior is not always amenable to logical interpretation. It is difficult to give an answer to the question, what's missing is the guy in this situation. Most of all, he soon realizes his mistake and wants to come back. And there's only the girl can decide if she forgives him and wishes to resume relations. Perhaps the young man wanted to see a girl with neuralstem character or he just likes the other.