Chihuahua. Features of the breed.

как ухаживать за чихуахуа
The size of these dogs are really small adults can weigh from 0.9 to 2.8 kg. They are different in a variety of options of color and are one of the most intelligent breeds, is well aware of the person. In communication they are unobtrusive, though a very playful and inquisitive.

Despite their size, these dogs have a great sense of dignity and courage. In addition, it is very balanced breed and its members rarely meet postolek. Clever Chihuahua is able to quickly find your weak areas and would be happy to use this knowledge to seek privileges and exemptions for themselves.

Reasons why shaking Chihuahua

The tremors, which periodically shakes the body of this dog is considered a breed, but it cannot be said that the constant shake was the norm, so you should pay attention if the dog is constantly shaking. Reasons for this may be several. Sometimes this problem is of a medical nature and is associated with reduced levels of blood sugar. For this breed is hypoglycemia – a common phenomenon. If that's the reason, pay attention to diet and diet dog. Discard the sweet encouragements, feed it more often and in strictly fixed hours.

Sometimes the cause of trembling may be anxiety and nervous excitement that is associated with the appearance in the house of a foreign person or with the change of environment. Tremors may be caused by the expectation of some joyful event that happens regularly. And of course, the reason may just be fear. If the puppy is scared and he should be calm.
Teach your dog from puppyhood to communicate with strangers, learn to overcome fears.

Chihuahua may tremble and for the same reason that people from the cold weather. Since the undercoat is missing, in a cool place or in cold weather they can simply freeze. Therefore, it is useful for this dog will be buying jackets and overalls, which they can flaunt on the street and feel more comfortable at home.
Strong nervous agitation or disorder in a Chihuahua can be removed with the help of sedative drugs, such as drops "Kombayn".

In some cases, the dog may shake just from nervous feelings. Usually they poskulivaet and even moan. Pay attention to your pet, take him up, let them know that you love him, tell him about it and try to distract from the fact that he was upset.
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