Restoration of water-salt balance after poisoning

After poisoning you want to resume the water-salt balance. In other words, the lost in the process of nausea or diarrhea liquid you want to restore.

So you need to consume as many drinks as possible, preferably in the form of heat. For this perfect:
green tea or herbal tea;
- compote of dried fruits;
- fruit drinks;
- a decoction of rose hips.
You can also drink plain drinking water.

Rules of nutrition after poisoning

It is impossible to load the body with a large amount of food, it is better to eat slowly in small portions using small periods of time. Quite hearty and not heavy to digest will low-fat chicken broth.
If there is improvement on the second day after food poisoning you can eat a small piece of boiled chicken or hamburger, steamed.

Menu the recovery period after exposure we can include cereal, cooked with water. Especially suitable for rice. This grain has an absorbent effect, i.e. it leads from the intestine to various toxins. You can also use buckwheat and semolina, only undesirable eating them with butter and milk. Mashed potatoes without added milk and butter you can eat in small amounts.

What not to eat after food poisoning

It is best to eliminate from your diet coffee, strong tea, and various alcoholic beverages. To eat during this period, salty, spicy, fried and smoked not only impossible, but also quite dangerous for your health.
In the aftermath of the poisoning, it is desirable to abandon milk and dairy products.

Also, avoid any products that cause excessive flatulence. Such foods include some fruits such as pears, grapes, plums and various nuts. If you want to eat fruit, you can eat baked apples, it is not only delicious, but also very useful. Better to wait with the use of sparkling water and chocolate.

Diet after poisoning

It is worth considering that the recovery period after a poisoning it is better to stretch to a few weeks to let the body fully recharge and remove toxins. Therefore, in the next time, try to eat more dishes prepared on pair. A range of light soups without adding a lot of spices and flavor enhancers can diversify the menu. It is best to cook are soups on meat and vegetable broth.

As prevention, you can drink a course of probiotics - medicines used to combat dysbiosis. But first you should consult with your doctor.

It is important to remember that proper nutrition is not only a way to preserve health in the recovery period, but also a prerequisite for well-being throughout life.