Energy vampire - who is it?

This man has sharp fangs, is not some special color of the eyes and skin, does not bite and does not have to fear sunlight. It can be ordinary passers-by or even a loved one.

Energy vampires are no external manifestations of their "illness", they can absorb energy through handshakes, aggression, and just one glance. How, then, to learn that the man is stealing your energy and can defend against that?

How to calculate the energy vampire?

There are several key identifying characteristics of energy vampires:

- The conflict. He loves to cause others negative emotions, he shouts and swears in the case and just trying
to be sarcastic and argue with other people's opinions. This is the easiest and most common method of energy absorption.
- Stories about their problems. The vampire's important to find a "shoulder" to drain all the negativity. He can spend hours talking about their difficulties in life with absolutely no interest in the problems of the interlocutor.
- Jealousy and love of vengeance. If the vampire chose a constant victim, he will try to limit the range of its communication will be to take care of and be jealous of new friends.
Love to phone calls. Such people can have the whole evening to talk with the "donor" about anything, and after the conversation, the man feels himself overwhelmed and exhausted, as if he had gone somewhere vital energy. This applies to those girls-rattles, which often call and idle, and then not long can put the phone down.
Most often such people have a pronounced egoistic traits.

Where to get the antidote to energy vampire?

Throw into the far corner garlic, Holy water and silver bullets. You will need them, because to confront energy vampires are other ways.
If energy vampire is trying to provoke you into a conflict, silently leave the room or just skip his speech on deaf ears.

First, hold your emotions. Don't splash out to this man in response to his remarks the charge of their energy.

Second, do not listen to each sob stories (as in life and on the phone). Tell me that you're busy or you feel unwell.

Thirdly, if an energy vampire is a loved one, don't be afraid to tell him about your suggestion. Try to solve the problem together. If he does not understand you, consider whether you need such a friend.