The consequences of the bite

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Viper attack humans only in those cases, if he regards his behavior as an attack on her life or offspring. In most cases, people injured by snakes because of their own negligence. For example, if you step on a Viper, she instantly tries to take revenge on her abuser.
Especially dangerous are the bites of vipers in the neck or face. Splint in such cases is impossible, so the poison will spread through the body much faster than when wound in the leg or arm.

Vipers have very sharp teeth. Biting human skin, the snake injects into the wound a poison. Almost immediately after this contact, on the site of the bite appears redness, swelling and soreness. In some cases, the skin around the wound becomes like a bruise.

Gradually the action of the poison increases. It may be accompanied by different effects. Can, for example, do not bend arms or legs, numb fingers, or neck. More severe consequences of the bite of vipers be changes in some systems of the human body. In this case, refers to the increase in body temperature, nausea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness. Can dramatically rise or fall in blood pressure.

The bite of a Viper has unpredictable consequences. Most often, the wound is not bleeding, but depending on individual characteristics can cause serious blood loss. Blood loss combined with severe psychological stress and is a major cause of death of the person.

First aid for the bite

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It is worth noting that the Viper bite in some cases the person may not notice for quite a long time. For example, if the snake suddenly attacked, and as suddenly disappeared. People might think that he hurt himself with a branch, wire or he was bitten by an unknown wild animal. The first symptoms of a Viper bite is rapid spread of the pain and swelling throughout the body, accompanied by dizziness and nausea.
If you know in advance about the likelihood of meeting with a Viper, buy it in any pharmacy item with a special serum, called "Antipatica". Such preparation can save lives.

Affected area of the skin should fix securely using the harness, thereby eliminating the spread of venom throughout the body. Bites of the Viper victim should drink as much fluid as possible and be at rest.

If possible, it is urgent to take antihistamine medicines. For example, suprastin or tavegil. Typically, these medications can be found in any medicine Cabinet. Such actions can only slow down the process of effects of poison. Medical help is needed in any case. The sooner the person examined by a specialist, the better it will be for his health. How dangerous is the bite of a Viper, depends primarily on timely medical aid.