The main reasons for excess weight

Of course, one of the reasons of excess weight is wrong, too abundant and nutritious food. But that is no reason to punish yourself and put on starvation diet. Metabolism you this is not exactly perfect. On the contrary, will only aggravate the situation. And after a diet the lost weight will return.

Listen to your body. If you correctly understand the signals coming from it? Always do the meals connected with hunger? Do you have the habit of "jam" stress? You consume enough fluids? Because, as you know, the man is two thirds water, and sufficient consumption of water is the key to a great metabolism and good health. Water is essential for better digestion, it with it comes the breakdown of fats, toxins and processed substances from the body. Lack of water can result in the development of many chronic diseases and accelerates all the processes of aging.

Take the time to go on a diet. Proper nutrition and adequate water consumption are the main recipe of life without excess weight.

Proper water treatment and the benefits of mineral water "Donat"

Ideally, to lose weight need to drink this mineral water. Why? First, it will saturate the body with additional minerals, and it will cease to be "extracted" them from food, and you can safely reduce the usual intake for the quarter.
Thanks to its unique composition, "donut" also dulls the feeling of hunger.

Second, mineral water "Donat" has a high magnesium content. Magnesium reacts with fats deposited in the form of salts that are not absorbed by the digestive tract. Magnesium helps to normalize the metabolism.

Thirdly, consuming the recommended amount of mineral water "Donat", you at the cellular level trigger the dormant metabolic processes that break down existing fat into energy.

It is optimal to take mineral water "Donat" for weight loss need for a special scheme. A glass of water taken half an hour before Breakfast warm. This will contribute to the rapid revival and saturation of the body with all necessary minerals.
Small SIPS 20 minutes before lunch and dinner also drink 200-300 ml of "donation".
This will help you not to overeat, improve digestion and metabolism.

The course should last at least a month. And for the first month you leave last from 2 to 8 pounds of excess weight.