Advice 1: How to paint the upper eyelid

Makeup is a real art. If you use all the available tools carefully and in the right you just transformed your look will become deep and expressive, and the fault will disappear. The most attention when creating makeup is paid to the eyes, namely the upper eyelid.
Before painting the upper eyelid, it is necessary to impose a layer, which will be the basis for your makeup. To shadow went smoothly, it is important to find a tool that will be the basis. If you use the liquid shadow, it is better to use cream, and if dry – transparent powder. If you do the opposite, just the cosmetics will gather in lumps.
Now select the lightest shade of eyeshadow from your palette and apply it on the upper eyelid to the brow or to crease as you like. Dry eye shadow applied with an applicator or brush and shade, and the liquid can be applied and blend with warm fingers. So the texture becomes softer and easier to bear on the eyelid. The entire surface of the upper eyelid is covered with shadow from the inner corner of the eye outwards.
Choose a bright contrasting hue or the darkest tone in your palette. Bright color is applied only to the center of the upper eyelid, so as not to overdo it. Dark shadows can be applied both in the centre and in the outer corner of the eye. A lighter shade when it should take only one third of the eyelid closer to the nose.
Blend the border between the colors. If you have dry shade, use a clean brush, and if the liquid - gently do it with your fingers.
If you have used bright shadows, choose a darker shade of the same color and apply it on the crease on the eyelid. If you applied a darker tone, you can use them for this zone, either to take a lighter shade.
Again blend the borders between colors and adjust the boundaries of the makeup using a clean applicator or cotton swab.
To secure the shadow apply a coat of clear powder.
Can now apply a contour. Better to hold the line in two stages. First, in one motion swipe in the direction from the center to the inner corner, and then from the center to the outside. Then swipe across the line from one corner to the other. Thus, the contour should be smooth and clear.
It now remains only to paint eye-lashes India ink. To do this, slightly drop your head down, hold the brush with mascara to the eyelid and run it from the base of the lashes to the tips, slightly bending his eyelashes brush up (as if podvela). Simultaneously, cover your eyes so the lashes are not glued and prekratilis. Repeat two or three times and wait a few seconds until the mascara is dry, trying not to blink, not to leave black marks under the eyebrow and under the lower eyelid.

Advice 2: How to paint the lower eyelid

The eye makeup women tend to approach very seriously, because the slightest error in it can adversely affect the appearance in General. May or may not paint the lower eyelid? This question is often asked by young girls, just starting to use makeup.
You will need
  • shadow;
  • pencil;
  • cosmetic brushes;
  • - the mascara.
Makeup, which is suitable for any woman, simply does not exist. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity is looking for the perfect option for themselves through long trial and error. For this we need to try different cosmetic products to experiment with colors, textures and technique of application. Makeup artists, in turn, give General advice on makeup techniques, and they can and should be listened to. And makeup professionals believe that without the eyeliner of the lower eyelid, makeup will not always be complete.
If you have wide-set eyes, makeup artists recommend to paint them in the following way. Apply a neutral shade on the movable upper eyelid and carefully blend them. Then take a brush a small amount of eye shadow color and put them on the top part of the century, closer to the nose. These shadows blend towards the temples. Spend a few times with your finger or brush on the border of the two types of shadows to become invisible. Lower eyelid, under the lashes, move bright, but not dark, pencil. The line of eyeliner should not go beyond the eyes. Last paint mascara on mascara eyelashes. Try to the inner corner of your eye has turned a little darker. With this method of applying makeup eyes will appear closer to the nose.
With large and convex eyes, you can try a different method of applying eye shadow and eyeliner. On the upper eyelid along the eyelash flick eyeliner or pencil line. She needs to become wider towards the outer edge of the eye. On the movable eyelid put dark shadow and blend towards the brow bone. Lower eyelid bring dark, but not black pencil. Line should start from the middle of the eyes and go to the outer corner.
Some of the girls down a dark pencil the inside of the lower eyelid to get the effect of "cat's eye". But makeup artists recommend to use this place white eyeliner to enlarge the eyes. These two tips are not applicable for those who have eyes too sensitive. Using dark eye shadow or pencil can be "East" effect. To do this, they completely encircle the eye. But the eyeliner of the lower eyelid slightly blending it with bright shadows of herself.
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