You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - map of the area;
  • - call the help Desk;
  • - write a query to determine the location of the subscriber;
  • - specify the mobile phone number of the person;
  • - to visit the site
If you have a need to find a place where the person is, you need to do the following. The initial step is to search in the menu "Contacts" or "phonebook".
Next, press selection key and find the customer service, that is, in other words - operator.
Then make a call directly to the help Desk and request a determination of the location of a particular phone number and enter their mobile phone number. It is worth noting that in some cases you want to specify your own initials.
If all the above was done correctly, then wait for a reply and note the area that will be reported by the operator. Specified location almost always is the exact address of the person who is wanted. You can then go in search of subscribers. Pre-take a map, say where the person might be.
To date, this service provides a lot of mobile operators, which can be used to search the subscriber at any time of the day. For example, some of the MTS company, which offers a service called "Locator".
You must know the number of the subscriber you want to send from mobile to 6677. For the request the operator will withdraw from the account about 15 rubles. Mobile operator "MegaFon" offers to go to the page from the computer which is located at, and thus obtain information about the location of the subscriber and a map marked with the exact coordinates.