Apple juice - first of all

It is notpossible to identify any rules that will suit everyone. Every four months child is different and only by experience can you know whether your child "adult" food, like apples.

To introduce this fruit in the diet of the little four-month-old child should be gradual, and to get started is to try regular juice. In fact, many pediatricians recommend starting solid foods with Apple juice, as it is well absorbed and in most cases does not cause allergic reactions.

Try to offer your baby a few drops of Apple juice. Better to do it before lunch, 11 or 12. Watch the reaction: if you develop a rash, gastric upset, unusual behavior – more experiment is not worth it.
If the reaction of the child causes anxiety, you can increase the dosage of the juice two to three drops every four days, slowly bringing it to a volume of 50 ml.

Now on sale there are special Apple juice for children, whose age does not exceed one year. You can make fresh juice yourself, but remember that it is best to use the yellow and green varieties of apples (red dye – very strong allergen), and it must be diluted with boiled water (proportion is 1:1).

It's time for applesauce

If your baby is happy to drink Apple juice for two weeks, most likely, the adaptation period has been completed. After this adaptation period, usually pediatricians suggest you can give the child a fruit puree. Again, this can be done only in the absence of negative reactions to Apple juice.

Here the principle is the same as a juice: give a sample a small portion – watching my reaction, gradually increase the portion. The first time you offer the kid a quarter teaspoon, it's enough. If the reaction is positive, you can add one quarter of a teaspoon every four days, until the puree reaches the 50 ml is required daily dose.
Time for Apple sauce – three to five hours a day.

You can buy ready-made sauce in the store or make it yourself. How to wash the Apple and grate it on the smallest grater (alternatively, use blender). Remember that the shelf life of juices and purees, even in the refrigerator is exactly one day.

Keys: ampicilin, ampicillin.