The first movement of the baby

The first movement of the baby in the uterus occur quite early. But their mother does not feel, as the size of the crumbs quite small, and the baby moves freely in the amniotic fluid, almost without touching the walls of the uterus. The first movements of the child occur from the tenth weeks, when the fetus develops sufficiently to come into contact with the sensitive walls of the uterus.

First feel the movement of the baby expectant mother remembers for a long time. Because based on this date, the gynecologist calculates the most accurate delivery date.
In the case when a woman gives birth for the first time, the doctor adds to this date of 20 weeks and giving birth is not the first time - 19 weeks.

Typically, a woman begins to feel movement at 20 weeks in the first pregnancy and at about 18 weeks with repeated. There are cases where women are much sooner begin to feel fetal movements, but it is a false sense, or incorrectly set the timing of the pregnancy.
The first movement of the women is described as a floundering fish or flapping wings of a butterfly.

What is longer, the feelings become clearer and more easily recognized. By the end of the second trimester, the impetus for the moms become more visible through the abdominal wall. Towards the end of the stirring subside. A decrease in the activity of the fetus is due to close its location in the uterus.

The right activity

The activity of the child helps to Wake up the first maternal feelings, from the psychological point of view it is very nice, especially when the child is desirable. According to doctors, you need to carefully monitor the frequency and nature of perturbations of the fetus. The norm is that the child must move in day at least 10 times (lots of jolts). The rest of the time the baby was sleeping peacefully.

If the kicking of the fetus to very often - it may be hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Frequent and active movements of the baby mother better to get some fresh air or ventilate the room. The most dangerous time, when the perturbations becomes less than 10 a day, or they are not felt. In this case, you need to immediately call an ambulance or to go to the doctor. Always remember, when the morning starts to move a little and consider focusing time on it, not to view the possible pathology. Only without fanaticism.

There are other reasons active perturbations of the fetus, when the mother's body is in an uncomfortable position. By the way, it can be very dangerous because in this position, compressed by the hollow vein, and the child suffers oxygen starvation.