Advice 1: Why a cat vomits

Vomiting for cats is a kind of defense mechanism of the body. Such reflexes occur for several reasons, which are not always associated with diseases or infections. Attention should be paid not only on the General condition of the animal, but the frequency of vomiting, and is necessary to identify its causes.

Common causes of vomiting in cats

Vomiting in cats can be physiological, chronic and acute forms. Physiological reflexes, as a rule, are single and do not cause much concern neither the animal nor its owner. The acute form is vomiting caused by infections, injuries or some diseases. The chronic form vomiting is caused by such serious diseases as gastritis, bowel inflammation, tumors or intestinal obstruction.

The safest causes of vomiting in cats is the feeding of unsuitable food, getting too much fur in the animal's stomach and overeating. In such cases it is necessary to pay special attention to hygiene and feeding of the pet. Change the food, try to vary the diet with additional vitamins and nutrients, often visivite wool.
If the cat refuses food and water due to vomiting, it is necessary to inject based on the solution of "ringer". Activated charcoal is good with symptoms of poisoning, bismuth preparations - with damage of the mucosa.

A more serious cause of vomiting in cats is damage to the internal mucous membranes. This may be due primarily to ingested foreign bodies. The cat may accidentally ingest the clip, a detail from children's toys and other small particles that will damage the stomach. At particular risk are kittens that play with almost any things you find on your way - laces, tulle, decorative room decorations, small gifts. Thread, appliques, iron particles can all cause serious damage to Pets. Usually swallowed objects out of the body during vomiting, but in some cases, you may need the help of a veterinarian. Animal is better to show specialist and conduct a full examination.

The most dangerous causes of vomiting in cats are infectious diseases, poisoning and injuries. The animal is constantly coughing, performs the swallowing reflexes, refuses food and eating. The main task of the owner in this case, try to remember everything that happened with the pet for several days. Maybe the cat fell, fell into the hands of childrenreceived accidental injuries or was unattended on the street.

What if the cat vomiting

The frequency of vomiting is the main criterion for assessing the seriousness of the situation. If vomiting occurred the animal after bathing when the cat carefully licked himself, or as a result of eating grass, then help the pet does not need. These reflexes represent a natural cleansing of the body.
After poisoning or damage to the mucous membranes of the stomach, the cat must be fed very small portions of chopped food. Meat products in the diet is better not to include in the next few days.

If vomiting occurs in cats several times a day, the animal should be required to show specialist. Anxiety symptoms are considered to be shortness of breath or, conversely, asthma attacks, attempt during vomiting to break the claws the furniture flooring. In such situations, the cat needs special treatment that can be prescribed only by a specialist. In addition, some time pet is better not to feed, and to water mix with a small amount of salt.

Advice 2: Why sick kitten

If the kitten is sick, you first need to find out the cause of vomiting. It is possible that it is disposable in nature and nothing terrible happens, but there is always the risk that he was sick and he urgently needed professional help.
Most often a kitten can feel sick if he ate too much. This happens when a hungry baby put too much food. This vomit often has a one-time nature. But if the kitten is constantly throwing up after eating, then it needs to show the vet, because the reasons for this phenomenon may be disorders of the digestive system and other diseases, both genetic and acquired.
If the kitten is sick, it can be a symptom of the presence of the parasites. A symptom of this is the appearance of worms in vomit. It is very dangerous to health and life pet. Timely deworming will prevent worm infestation, so you need to go to the vet for appropriate treatment.
Kitten vomiting can be due to improper feeding. This can happen when feeding a cheap feed or food from the table. Over time, the baby is a violation of the digestive system, then vomiting will become permanent. In such a situation, it is transferred to the dietary feed and give probiotics, restoring the microflora.
Poisoning can also cause vomiting. The kitten is the same child, curious and playful, he will want to try the clove. Therefore, anything that can cause harm to the health of the crumbs, it is best to keep in an inaccessible place for him. In addition, many houseplants are toxic to Pets. If the pet was poisoned, an urgent need to give him the sorbent and to call the doctor.
Sometimes a kitten can eat cat litter, and it is very dangerous. In this case, he begins strong vomiting and diarrhea, resulting in dehydration. As aid baby give drugs by injection to full recovery.
Vomiting the kitten may be a sign of disease. For example, it can be a serious infectious disease. Therefore, if he does not vaccinate against the infection and there are severe vomiting with diarrhea and a high temperature – immediately call your vet.
Nausea the kitten can be from an excess of wool. Animals lick, wool clogs the stomach and intestines, eventually, nausea. To help during the moulting period they are given malt paste promotes natural conclusion of wool from the body and eliminates vomiting.
Vomiting and nausea the kitten can be caused by a large number of causes and be safe or calling fatal, your task in a timely manner to determine the cause of poor health of your pet and provide him with the necessary assistance.
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