The taste of semen: it depends on what

The taste of semen depends largely on the habits and overall lifestyle of men. Unpleasant it can be smokers, abuse alcohol, coffee, meat, smoked and fried foods, fast food. The use of canned foods, garlic and onions, antibiotics and other drugs also affects the taste of sperm quality.
Onions and garlic contain a large amount of sulfur, so they have a sharp taste and smell greatly affect the "product" of man.

What can you do to sperm tastes better

A few days before the alleged oral sex, minimize Smoking, alcohol consumption, pharmaceutical drugs and junk food. Should limit red meat, dairy products, fish, preferring fruit and vegetables. It is useful to drink pure water and natural juices.
For a more pleasant taste sperm it is recommended to eat parsley, celery, dill and other vegetarian menu.

To improve the sweetness of the semen it is recommended to eat pineapples and drink pineapple juice. The same purpose will serve as cranberry juice and citrus fruit, grapes, melon, Apple and mango. They have an acidic pH, and soften the natural alkalinity of semen. It is also desirable to include in the diet seafood, olive oil, and natural aphrodisiacs – they will not only make your semen taste better, but vertiline. However, oral sex is not as important.
That sperm was of high quality, to cook better in the oven or steamed.

But it is not necessary to eat before oral sex is asparagus: when splitting, it gives the chemicals with strong scents and can badly affect the taste of semen. Brussels and cabbage, broccoli and other members of the "cabbage" will make the sperm bitter and hot spices – a specific and unpleasant.
Follow the diet at least a few days to get a good taste of sperm.

Miraculous pill for tasty sperm

There are supplements that promise to improve the taste of semen, or to give it a special flavor. They often include sweeteners, fruit concentrates, spices and flavor enhancers, vitamins and minerals.

What else you should care

Besides taste, the sperm quality is affected by its consistency. It depends on the content of fluid and proteins in the semen as well as from General health and characteristics of the diet. To improve consistency, you need to drink more water as dehydration thickens the semen and contributes to the formation of lumps.