Usually in the canning of vegetables and fruits used vinegar. An acidic environment is not allow to breed a variety of bacteria in canned foods. Typically, vinegar is used as in industrial production and in house blanks.

Not only vinegar

Vinegar is used quite often, but it is not the only preservative. Have vinegar there are many substitutes, which not only affect the quality of preservation, but also can greatly improve its taste.

So, instead of the usual vinegar in the blanks, you can use the juice or the berries. One tablespoon of 70% vinegar is the equivalent of a Cup of berries or squeezed from the same quantity of currant juice. For one three-liter jars of this portion is quite enough. Naturally, for banks smaller amount of berries or juice should be reduced.
Instead of currants you can use cranberries, which also serves as a natural oxidant and preservative.

An excellent substitute for vinegar is citric acid. It turns out that it can be successfully used not only for salads, sauces, baking and canning. For one three-liter jar need to pour one teaspoon of lemon. It should be noted that when used as a preservative citric acid, fruit and vegetables will retain their color. The shelf life of products as long as in the case of the use of vinegar, usually 24 months. Has similar properties fresh lemon and lime juice. They also can be easily replaced by vinegar.
Instead of vinegar you can also take wine or Apple cider vinegar

Some Housewives use in the home conservation of acetylsalicylic acid, which is more familiar as aspirin. It is very convenient to dose – one tablet is equivalent to one tablespoon of 70% vinegar. Besides, aspirin, and citric acid, does not affect the color and taste of canned vegetables and fruits. However, this substitute vinegar makes canned food harmful to people who suffer diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the case of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, the duodenum. However, if you carefully observe the proportions, one or two of pickled cucumber wouldn't hurt.

A few tips

If you are going to please family members, friends, acquaintances home preservation, remember a few basic rules under which your presets can be stored longer and do not grieve the possible "explosions" and the swellings of lids. Always carefully handle the fruits and vegetables, wash them in several waters. Be sure to remove all the damage on the billet raw material. Banks for preservation always sterilize for at least 10 minutes. Strictly follow the recipe of the dishes and the proportions of their components.