You will need
  • - original and copy of the certificate or certificates of complete or incomplete secondary education;
  • - original and copy of pasport entrant.
Pay attention to vocational and technical schools in your city. They accept the students as full and complete General secondary education. Usually if the applicant is no data on the final school exams, he was invited to take the entrance test at the educational institution. Most often, they are not complicated, and sometimes enrollment and did place only on application and interview. This is due to lack of students in high schools and colleges, a sharp demand in specialists in a particular field etc Here young people can receive worker drivers, mechanics, cooks, etc. Some institutions train specialists in the social and economic fields.
Try to enter College or Academy for secondary technical education. For admission in them enough to have a specific pass mark in the aggregate of final grades in the certificate about incomplete or complete secondary education. The distinction of these institutions from schools and lyceums is that after their graduation, students have the opportunity of a higher education institution and to higher education in an abbreviated program. We offer a specialty range from social workers, to professionals in the field of Economics.
Apply to non-state educational institutions of specialized secondary and higher education. At the end of their graduate diploma of specialist, often non-state sample (this can cause problems when applying for a job). Training in these institutions is usually paid. The admission of students is based on final grades in the certificate or after passing a simple interview.