Advice 1: How to spend prom

Prom only happens once in life. That is why it needs to keep only the most vivid and unforgettable impressions. But in order to hold it at the highest level, you will need to work hard in advance to plan everything, to think through to the smallest detail and - most importantly - have a positive attitude.

Parent meeting: the main issues on the agenda

To avoid fuss and without haste to solve the main school issues, usually in September held a parent meeting, which determined the further fate of the prom.

Key points in this meeting are:
- the venue of the prom;
entertainment and main program;
- photographer and cameraman;
- transport;
the gifts from the graduates of the school.

The choice of venue for graduation

When discussing the best locations for prom do not miss the following options.

1. Restaurant. Such an institution is the most popular place to celebrate graduation. Everything here is included: music, table service.
However, prom in the restaurant - not cheap. And parents have to pay a pretty decent sum which will be easier to collect gradually, starting from the beginning of the school year.

2. Cafe, bar, night club. Usually this is a fallback, if the restaurant is busy. The only negative - a small room. And everyone is welcome to share the occasion with alumni will feel the tightness and discomfort.

3. School (Assembly hall, dining room). Rather, it is the economy option. Unfortunately, often the celebration high school graduation is not enough of enchanting and chic.

4. Boat. The best option only for those cities that have nearby water bodies. However, if you have the opportunity to hold graduation on the ship, the evening is sure to be filled with romance.

The choice of the program prom and other necessary details

The whole evening just sitting there and sometimes being distracted by the dancing, too banal and boring. It is therefore necessary to consider the program to the smallest detail. This can be a theme party in retro style or, on the contrary, in the spirit of the 18th century.

Costume party - quite an original option for the prom, and the girls will support this idea. Further, depending on the choice of the subjects of the evening is to make a script, come up with contests, games and other exciting entertainment.
Most importantly - try not to repeat the options for prom in the previous years and create something of their own that is close in spirit only.

For help you can contact the company and they, taking into account all your wishes, will make your holiday unforgettable. But it will also entail cash costs. Although, on the other hand, prom happens only once in a lifetime!

Usually all the questions on preparation of the prom decide for themselves parents, but the children also should not stand in the way. The asset class can prepare a "skit" is a short program with comic performances, parodies and one joint farewell performance as a gift to teachers.

Remember that it is not important, where to hold prom. Most importantly - "how" and "who". More positive energy, joy, and the evening would be a success!

Advice 2: How to hold the prom

Prom is one of the most important events in life. Every person growing up, repeatedly recalls his school, class, and the most discussed event of any reunion is, of course, their graduation ball. Therefore, anyone who wanted to hold a farewell to the school party for the graduates, should approach the matter responsibly and with originality and make this event memorable.
Consider space for formal and informal parts of the prom. Official part when the presentation of diplomas and medals, letters and tapes "the graduate", flowers and greetings to teachers and parents. This part is best done indoors, where usually there are formal events, somewhere where there are rows of chairs in order to seat many people. And, of course, there needs to be a scene.
Choose a place for the informal part of the prom, in consultation with the alumni themselves. You may find a suitable one, and it is completely different. Remember that this part is for the graduates of far more significance than the first, because the celebration occurs in the setting of my TV - just celebrating themselves, and sometimes their parents. So, the suitable place could be a café, a restaurant or any other place where you can sit in a big company, just do not forget that this is minor.
Consider the program of congratulations for the official part. Everyone should feel this night is important, because teachers and the school administration, and, of course, the parents put a lot of effort to this day has finally arrived and the students finally left their desks, taking with him a wealth of knowledge. Therefore, let all receives flowers and humorous certificates, and the host reads a congratulatory speech.
Come up with a programme for informal part – it must be radically different from the program of official. During this part of the graduates have to be entertained with jokes, stories from school life, preferably their own, hold funny competitions. Be sure to select leading or your favorite teacher of the class or Parallels, or just very funny person.
Don't forget about dancing! Prom definitely need to dance, so inviting a DJ, or even just to connect the computer to the speakers – a sacred duty of everyone who is pursuing graduation. Again, don't forget to consult with alumni on the topic of music – for example, conduct a poll and put at least one favorite dance songs of each, and the rest of the time take hits radio stations.
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