Causes of red eyes in a child

The child's eyes very sensitive to any adverse factors, and even quite a bit wrong given help when redness may cause complications with which you have to fight later. The sooner you find the cause and method of treatment of the disease, the sooner will come the recovery of the child.

Causes of red eyes there are many. It may be a reaction to eye irritation due to overexertion, contact with a foreign body, eye injury, irritation from bright sunlight, dust, allergies, stress. Remember that the child was doing before he eyes turned red. Maybe a long time he watched TV or spent a lot of time on the computer, tablet or laptop. Long read too, can cause redness of the eyes of children.

In the case when the redness of the eyes accompanied by lacrimation, fever, runny nose, cough, you can concluded that, most likely, your child has a cold.

If in addition to inflammation and redness of a eyes baby you see tearing, crust in the eyes, purulent discharge, redness of the eyelids, this can be a consequence of the disease, requiring medical treatment. In this case, to determine the exact diagnosis can only physician.

How to help a child with red eyes?

Helping a child depends on factors redness of the eyes and symptoms related to this illness. If in the eye there is pain, burning, this may indicate that the eye got something. Try to remove a foreign body yourself, using a clean handkerchief, moistened with boiled water.

Redness of the eyes due to fatigue or overexertion intensive treatment is not required. Just reduce the time watching TV, playing computer, reading or drawing.

If your eyes are red because of allergies, to immediately protect the child from the source of its occurrence, give an antihistamine and consult a specialist.

If your eyes are red because of a cold treatment should appoint an expert. Until it is inspected try to alleviate the suffering of the child, attaching the eye of a decoction of chamomile or a tea infuser.

Do not be thoughtless and indifferent to any redness or swelling of the eyes of a child. The sooner you determine the cause and will provide the necessary assistance, the faster will be the recovery of your child.