What to look for when choosing cognac

To start I would like to note that on the market of alcoholic beverages a huge variety of counterfeits, which are at first glance difficult to see. But the connoisseur will feel fake drink, and you will put yourself in an awkward situation. Therefore, choosing alcoholic beverages, try to avoid questionable stores.

Many believe that the more expensive the cognac, the better, but in fact it is not. There are so many cheap brandies, which are famous for great taste.
The most expensive cognac in the world - Henri IV, Cognac Grande Champagne. The price for a bottle of about two million dollars. Cognac has hundreds of years of exposure, sold in bottles decorated with diamonds and gold.

For example, a well-known firm offers of Metaxa brandy of excellent quality and in any price range. Also a great drinks offer Сourvoisier, Camus and Blades. Many connoisseurs say Armenian cognacs, for example, Samkon, which can also be used as a gift.

Male heads most often versed in brandy production, but it happens and Vice versa. If you know for sure that your head belongs to the second type of heads, choose an inexpensive brandy, as if you buy a very expensive collector's bottle a reputable brand – not the fact that the chief will appreciate this gift. Rely only on taste, then you won't have to waste money and to please his superiors.

What else do you need for a good gift

Any gift would be nicer if it is properly Packed. Gift packaging is an essential attribute of any gift, and especially brandy for the bosses. Take the packaging and bottle selection very seriously, as we know, meet on clothes.

Many people know that opposers of brandy often re-given a gift, and your bottle can be remembered solely in appearance. If a holiday General February 23, New year and such – most likely, when you come to choose the cognac in the store, he will be in a gift box or offer it to pack right in front of you.

It is also worth thinking about related products. If your boss smokes, a set of good cigars would be a great addition to cognac. Cognac glasses suitable as gifts for non-Smoking men.
Traditionally the brandy presented with a tile quality dark chocolate.

You can even give chocolates and fruit and other snacks – but that's only if you plan together with the command to drink that bottle.

The basic rules of good gift

To summarize everything said above, get a small set of rules for the choice of cognac:

cognac must be of good quality, bought in the checked location;

good brandy – not necessarily expensive;

- if the boss is well versed in brandy production – brandy have to be expensive, if it's bad, cheap and tasty;

an important attribute of a gift – packaging;

- don't forget about related products.