Causes of irritations on the lips

Irritation on the lips may appear in different places. If you notice cracks or small scabs in the corners of the mouth, pay attention to the condition of the organism as a whole. These skin lesions are called races. The reason for their appearance is often a streptococcal infection. It can develop on dry, injured skin, and in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, caries of the teeth. Also the cause of the event can be anemia, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, lack of vitamins, improper bite and even diabetes.

Another cause of irritation on the lips may be herpes. Sores can form anywhere, from the corner of his mouth and ending with the center of the lips. Typically, this disease first appears itching, small watery pimples. They burst, form a crust. This disease can be transmitted even through the dishes.
Therefore, a person who had herpes, must have his own dishes, towel.

Some types of dermatitis accompanied by severe irritation of the lips, for example, perioral. In this disease the patient appear nodules and pustules around the mouth. The appearance of rash accompanied by itching and peeling of the skin. This disease can be caused by both external factors (environmental) and internal (endocrine disorders).
To identify dermatitis, you must pass the clinical blood.

How to get rid of the irritation on the lips

To recover the skin of the lips, it is necessary to remove the cause. This can be done with the help of a specialist. Only a doctor will be able to choose the most effective treatment. To remove race, in addition to medication, the person will need to adjust the diet, that is, to diversify its products are rich in Riboflavin. It is also necessary to treat damaged skin fukortsin and boric alcohol. For the treatment of herpes a dermatologist will be assigned antiviral therapy. And to get rid of perioral dermatitis, the patient will have to use antihistamines, hormonal ointments. In some cases, you may be assigned detoxification therapy.

People suffering from dermatitis should adhere to a diet, that is, to eliminate from the diet citrus fruits, chocolate, spicy food, spices, fish, mushrooms, meats, berries, and whole milk.