Natural solvents

The universal solvent of natural origin is water, which can be used to remove stains from carpentry, vegetable, stationery and PVA glue. To do this, quickly wipe a fresh stain with a rag and rinse soiled area (clothing, upholstery or other surface) until complete disappearance of the glue residue.
If the adhesive spot has long been hopelessly dead – remove it with water is not possible.

Well established in the dissolving glue of vegetable and baby oil, any of which must abundantly lubricate the stain, leave it for a while, and then re-RUB the oil into the glue. He will begin to lose their adhesive properties and are mixed with the "solvent", as some glues prepared oil-based. After treatment stains leftovers are removed, and the surface is rinsed with water.

Can dissolve the glue and plain vinegar. You need to apply it liberally to the stain and wait 20 minutes. The glue will begin to dissolve, and its remnants can easily be removed with a cloth. An effective solvent is the paste of baking soda, cooked in a simple recipe - tablespoon of baking soda with one teaspoon water. This mass should be applied to the stain, wait until it dissolves and rinse with warm water. A similar effect is known for, and vaseline, fat which breaks down the molecules of the adhesive.

Chemical solvents

A perfect solvent is alcohol, which breaks down and dissolves many of the glued joints. After applying the alcohol to the old glue stain after a few minutes it will begin to soften. After that glue residue is easily removed with water and rags. Similarly, the action has acetone, which is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and place it on the stain. After a few minutes the glue will dissolve and it will be possible to scrub an old toothbrush.
The acetone must be carefully use on some synthetic materials, as it can damage them.

Well dissolve the adhesive substances such as gasoline, turpentine, mineral spirits, paint solvent or ammonia. Use them as well as acetone, but to facilitate the removal of the glue before applying the solvent can be softened with the included hair dryer. After that it will dissolve much faster and more, and at the end of the spot, you can gently scrape off the convenient assistant the subject.