Little water is bad, water - well

The human body is a complex and perfect machine. After any strict diet, the body begins to every extra calorie "stored" in the extra pounds, to form a stock. And when it is not getting enough fluid, it creates swelling, to conserve water for future use. So, even taking the decision to change lifestyle, diet, physical activity, do not do it abruptly, otherwise you may have unexpected problems.

Reducing the amount of water in the diet, you will not get rid of edema, only make it worse. Taking diuretics, you risk depriving your body of nutrients, which are beginning to be washed away if too active the use of such funds. The easiest way to deal with swelling is to normalize drinking a diet and stick to it.
Tea and coffee are not suitable for the treatment of swelling, because they have diuretic properties.

To calculate the daily amount of water, you need to understand how much fluid the body loses daily in the process of life. You may mistakenly conclude that this number is small, and all the water is lost solely while sweating and urinating. In fact, the human body loses water even during each exhalation. The average person loses for days two and a half liters of water to maintain water balance, you need to drink about the same amount.

Drink more

Force yourself to drink daily two and a half liters of water is quite difficult. Does not make sense in the evening to "finish" the right amount, drinking five glasses of water. But that number is a rough guideline. Depending on additional factors, but this may vary.
To understand whether there is enough water you drink enough to pay attention to urine color. If it is dark, increase the amount of liquid.

For example, smokers need to drink a little more water, as well as those who are actively involved in sports. A number of diseases requires to consume more fluids – colds or illnesses which dehydrate the body. To drink more than two and a half litres of water are needed in the presence of edema or excessive weight.

To remove the swelling as quickly as possible, it is advisable to drink the pure, sparkling water. Best of all, if it is ordinary table water, since the salts contained in the mineral may contribute to fluid retention. If the problem with the edema is serious, try to exclude from a diet of overly salted food, and try to season your food to a minimum. In order that the water balance has fully recovered, and the swelling is gone, your body will take from weeks to months. But this does not mean that after the disappearance of the swelling, you can greatly reduce the amount of water.