The concept of "sound card" is now firmly entrenched in all the dictionaries and is even used by people who do not have big knowledge in computer field. Therefore it is necessary to clarify and to analyze in more detail the purpose of this small device.

The purpose of the sound card

The presence of a sound card is a prerequisite for sound creation and its further playback connected to the computer speakers. Can you give a comparison of its features with the features of the graphics card that creates the image and provides its subsequent output to the monitor. Only in the case with a sound card the object being created will be sound. Among the huge variety of available sound cards there are separate classes that differ in some respects.
The first external sound card went on sale in 1986. It was simple and allowed you to play monophonic digital sound.

The types of sound cards

The main difference separating the card is used, the method of installation. In this parameter, they are divided into cards that are embedded in the motherboard, and the cards perform their function as a separate device.
The motherboard is a complex multi-layered printed circuit Board. It is the basis for building a personal computer.
The second type of cards is much more expensive, but the quality of the reproduced sound of them is much higher. For users which do not impose any special requirements for sound quality it is quite suitable conventional embedded sound card that produces good enough sound. Their use will save the user from having to configure the card and look for the appropriate drivers. This map is, by and large, is a further device that is placed on the motherboard.

Sound card professional level will be needed to professional musicians and others associated with the world of music to people. These cards have many advanced features and adjust to the individual preferences of the user. Sold in a set of this card usually comes with a remote control. They can be equipped with other useful options.

For the main mass of the population is quite suitable cheaper and less functional built-in sound card. Additional opportunities will only be an expensive burden, which is unlikely to be appreciated and applied in practice.