Please transfer print on paper with eggs. Cook hard-boiled eggand clean the shell. Prepare the document that you want to transfer a print on paper. Roll the egg once neatly printed. Now roll them over the paper on which you wanted to transfer printing. Your movements should be slow and confident. If you are not sure what to copy print you get the first time, practice on another paper, trying to put on paper something else (an unnecessary stamp, signature, done with a ballpoint pen). Just carry need print you need to be using eggs, unused in the previous experiments.
Ask for help to the master, engaged in the manufacture of seals. You can find it in the Internet, by calling the phone, discuss with him the details of the order. The document you want to print, scan and take to the master. Specialist will produce desired printing it print. At the office supply store buy the special ink of the desired color. The print dip it in ink and make a print on paper in the correct location.
Use a computer program Рaint for transferring the printing paper. To do this, scan the text document, which you will stamp, and herself. In the program window Рaint scanned seal, place on a clean sheet in the right place. Open the scanned document. Find "Selection" in the toolbar at the top of the page. Copy the desired section of the document. Open a drawing with a seal. Clicking the eyedropper on the toolbar, open the "Palette" and choose a background transparency. Paste the copied document to the page with print. Print ready document with the supplied seal.