One of the issues that arise for moms: at what age to wean baby from the breast? The answer is ambiguous. There are many judgments on this topic. Anecdotal evidence suggests that prolonged breastfeeding is beneficial to the development and health of the baby. Also people think the younger the child, the easier the process of weaning.

A nursing mother needs to focus on your feeling, your emotional state and the willingness of the child to switch to another type of feeding after breast milk.

Psychologists recommend to carry out a smooth finish breastfeeding. That the child was not too hard, weaning should be done gradually, introducing solid foods and replacing each feeding. But often there are situations when the baby eats adult food, and in parallel asks for "a favorite treat". That's when moms take the decision sharply to engage with such snacks.

Options of how to do it better, there is quite a lot. Someone recommends to smear the breast with mustard or something tasteless for a child, someone is trying to explain to your child that no more milk.
Important to remember that children are unique and each will find its own solution to this issue.

Cessation of lactation

Mom is very concerned about how time will happen burnout milk. Virtually painless is gradual weaning. Mammary gland adapts to new requirements and reduces the production of milk. A different picture occurs when sudden weaning.

Sometimes it happens so that you decide to stop breastfeeding, and milk still remains, because the mammary gland does not explain that milk is no longer necessary. In this case, it is recommended to pull the chest with an elastic bandage or wearing a tight bra that will serve in the role of a corset. To go to until milk does not burn out. Below the Breasts become soft, you can decant a little milk. Abrupt weaning is a painful process for mom. Try in this period not to abuse the products that promote lactation.
Typically, the milk ceases to be produced in 3-5 days. It will take some time to "resorption".

The process of lactation can be considered complete if you do not care, do not have tides milk, soft Breasts. But a small number molosiwa may remain in the breast for a long time.

The main thing at the end of lactation, to prevent stagnation and the formation of mastitis. Carefully observe your feelings. If necessary consult your doctor to he appointed you need pills, drugs and special drugs.