Queen of love – rose

Rose is a flower of stunning beauty, which anciently possessed the magical appeal and even a certain love of mysticism. There were times when rose and worshipped, and praised them.

Ancient Greeks decorated with roses clothing brides and showered the winners. Noble and very rich people took baths with rose petals, and on his head wore wreaths of pink. Even during the excavation, archaeologists found coins, which were images of roses.
In mythology there is evidence that the rose was the symbol of passion, desire and love, as a sign of Aphrodite – goddess of love.

One of the legends mentioned that the blooming of the roses began when Aphrodite was born. And in that moment, when she first emerged from the sea waves on the shore, her body was covered with drops of water that began to turn into a red rose. No wonder the temples that were built in honor of the goddess, decorated with these flowers.

Artists, poets and writers sing the rose to this day in most of the poems are about love, be sure to mention the lovely flower of love – rose.

Since ancient times the rose is the Queen among flowers, and continues to be a symbol of love, beauty and happiness. And oil of roses – the weight of gold (1 kg of oil produces about 500 kg of rose petals).

Plants of love and happiness

Flowers that also symbolize love, you can decorate the house and these plants quite a lot.

- Spatifillum called the flower of happiness. There is a popular belief that if gave spatifillum, the house settled with happiness. Just say that it is impossible to give a flower during flowering, so as to give happiness and love.

Anthurium in the people is called "male happiness" and can bring the entire family success and happiness, and a strong semi – virility.

- African violet is a flower of stunning beauty, which symbolizes the peace in the family and reduces the number of quarrels.

China rose or hibiscus came to us from Asia and can bloom from spring until autumn. It is believed that if you have a plant at home, you should in the near future to wait for the big and passionate love.

- The Myrtle, which is also called the "tree of Adam", is the key to happiness between spouses and family welfare.

- The tree of love is called Aichryson that with proper care, flowers will delight up to six months and will bring the owner love and happiness.

Flowers that symbolize love are many. Dear people give flowers more often, and love will fill their hearts.