All about amethyst

There is a theory that amethyst got its name from beautiful nymph Ametis, which became the stone, fleeing from pursuing her Dionysus – God of wine and vegetation. The ancient Greeks were convinced that the amethyst protects them from alcoholism and even made of it amethyst cups. In translation from Greek "amethystos" means "not leading a wild life" or "not drunken".

In the Middle ages, amethyst is composed of silicon dioxide with an admixture of iron, called the blessed or Holy stone.

The characteristic properties of amethyst are its high hardness, the color purple shade and clarity with a pearly or vitreous luster. The color of this stone has many shades – from pale violet to rich blue-red tones. The intensity of coloration of amethyst is enhanced if the crystal is short-term warm – however, prolonged heating leads to green coloration or discoloration of the stone. A green amethyst, or prasiolite, is found in nature is very rare, so get this shade of manually enriching a jewelry on new technologies.

Amethyst and zodiac sign

Modern astrologers says that amethyst is the stone of Aquarius, but also has a beneficial effect on all the zodiac signs. Aries you can wear jewelry with amethyst for the development of prudence, restraint and care. Calves born before may 1, amethyst will help to find happiness, cope with melancholy and enhance mental performance. Gemini can wear amethyst to cope with nervousness and to bring into relationship harmony.
It is believed that amethyst cures insomnia and brings pleasant dreams, if you put it at night under my pillow.

The best amethyst is a talisman for Cancers born in the period up to 1 July, it helps to boost the immune system, normalize digestion and improve kidney function. Lions will gain with amethyst calmness and balance. Virgo – precision and accuracy. Amethyst weights will help you develop a good intuition and improve personal qualities. Scorpions will get in the form of amethyst is a powerful amulet and Archers will gain understanding in the relationship. Capricorn stone will help to remove the negativity from the soul, and also to smooth out wrinkles. Aquarius with amethyst will get rid of nervous overstimulation, and Fish and he promises luck and ease when you break with your partner.