What dreams the key to the apartment

If you dream you lost the keys to the apartment and diligently trying to find them, then in reality you may be a victim of theft. Give extra attention to his emotions during the search. If you very much worry or cry, it portends a sad event or a loss of any value. If you're just trying to remember where you put your keys, the changes will not cause you too much grief. In addition, lost in the dream keys are a hint that in real life you are careless or irresponsible.
If in the dream the keys to the apartment hanging on your neck, you worry in reality, absolutely nothing. You are under the protection of a higher power.

If you broke the key to the apartment, in real life, you are not too pleasant changes. Perhaps you will move to a new place of residence, and the reason for the move is a disorder in the family, adultery or serious illness.

If you dream you found the keys to the apartment, the events of the near future will definitely change your life for the better. Note the size of the keys. The bigger the bundle, and the keys themselves, the more favorable will be the new period.

Find the key and try to remember where you've seen him before, dreaming to receive valuable information. Probably, you will reveal any secret or you will get an answer to a question that gives you peace of mind for a long time.

The nuances

If you dream you closed the door of the apartment, such a sign foretells good luck in your personal life. For young girls, such a dream could Herald the long-awaited receipt of a proposal from a man or meeting her future husband.
Golden keys in a dream represent support from very influential people. It is likely that your life will be a patron, is able to solve all the problems.

If you dream you held the keys in his hand and just touched their fingers, in reality, you can be called a rightful owner of his own life. All that will happen to you in the near future, depends on you.

Presented the keys to the apartment are symbols of the best deals, change jobs or promotions. Very soon you will see new perspectives, which should always try to use it.

If you dream you are holding only one key, which is hanging on the ring or fastened to the housekeeper, then in real life will notice some other traits of his character. Most likely, you lack the determination and commitment that will lead to fail of business. Your success will be proportional to the efforts.

To open the apartment door in my sleep and with one twist of the key – sign, heralding the humiliation. Someone from your environment will try to shame or ridicule. If you are confident in your abilities, don't start disputes with powerful or aggressive people. Such disputes can ruin your reputation.