Antibiotics are a large group of substances able to suppress bacteria. Antibacterial drugs used in the treatment of infectious diseases, and with the right selection promotes rapid healing. As you know, many infections cause an increase in temperature, so some patients started on antibiotics at the first sign of fever. The consequences of such self-medication can be allergic reactions, dysbacteriosis and resistance of pathogenic microflora to antibiotics.

If you need the antibiotics at a temperature of

The increase in temperature – a universal reaction of the immune system, which can be caused by microbial and viral infection, tumors, autoimmune diseases. Therefore, antibiotic treatment can not be started due to high temperature and uhudshenie General condition: first need to go to the doctor for statement of the correct diagnosis.

Cough, fever, sore throat – the ordinary symptoms of influenza and SARS, as these diseases 9 out of 10 cases are caused by viruses. The taking antibiotics when a viral infection is useless and even harmful, because it does not bring anything in addition to reducing immune suppression and is useful for human microflora.

Antibiotic treatment bacterial infections

Antibiotics are prescribed in case if virus infection was joined by a bacterial. To determine this yourself is almost impossible, because even the physician may be hindered with the diagnosis because of the similarity of symptoms. However, if the temperature is not reduced within a week or rises again shortly after the onset of the disease, this may indicate a bacterial complication.
High fever can be accompanied by the following diseases:

- a sore throat;

- acute otitis media;

- suppurative complications (purulent lymphadenitis, the downward laryngotracheitis);

- inflammation of the sinuses or sinusitis.

Antibacterial drug for the treatment selected by the doctor according to clinical picture of the disease and the test results. The criterion for the correct choice of antibiotic is a temperature decrease in the first 36 – 48 hours after the start of therapy. If not, the drug change. It is very important not to stop taking the antibiotic early, as this may lead to a relapse or the transition of acute to chronic infection.