As you name the band, so it will heal. You can say so, to paraphrase a famous phrase from a famous cartoon. And, indeed, the name means a lot. It is recognized, they are passed from mouth to mouth from ICQ ICQ of a Skype Skype'. So the group gradually develops, gets new followers and supporters, just lives. But to choose a name is difficult. It all depends on the objectives pursued by the creators.

The first steps

For starters, you can perform other names of the existing, occupying the first places in the rankings. It is advisable to stick to the rules:

- In the name of everything has to be censored.
- The use of Latin will increase the popularity of the group.
- As practice shows, the shorter the name, the better – ideally, one word and no more.
- As an exception, you can use a good phrase, but only if it is well and good pronounced, remembered, asks for language.
- Use wordstat. It is possible to see the number of keyword queries and uses them to name their band.
And no platitudes. The more unusual your name, so it is more visible for people and for search engines.

And now a little about the titles.

A group for friends with the same interests

If you intend to use the group as a platform for the exchange of experience in matters of beauty and fashion, then the title should be relevant:

"Krasotulka" for girlie get-togethers;
- "Herself beauty" – for the needle;
- "Nice to live not forbid" – the common name for all genders.

Advertising group is a large company

If the company is known for, it usually starts his Vkontakte page that gives a certain advantage in positioning. And then the most logical will be to use the name of the firm. She's already promoted, has its supporters, regular customers. So they can easily find any firm in the social network.

About beauty and fashion news

About beauty and fashion you can talk from different points of view. For some, it's beautiful clothes, which you can see. Others want to try their own hand and to get a full and clear schematic patterns. The third just interesting news from around the world, with famous shows, fashion shows and so on. If you create a group, on the premise of the third kind, the name may be something like this:

- "World on a string" – on beauty and fashion without embellishment;
- "News about beauty and fashion;
"Fashion shows and fashion shows around the world."