Which coffee helpful

Nutritionists have a mixed opinion about the benefits of drinking coffee. You should start with the composition of the grains. They contain fats, proteins, monounsaturated oils and carbohydrates. As a result of grinding and roasting the caloric value is lost, and coffee became diet, it is not only possible, but necessary to drink. Freshly brewed bean coffee improves metabolism, accelerates the removal of toxins, helps the breakdown of fat and eliminate cellulite, reduce appetite. In small doses, drinking coffee without sugar and other additives - this is part of the diet.

The calorie content of coffee (1 serving)

It is worth to mention, we are talking about coffee drinks, not containing additives.
- espresso - 2 -3 kcal;
- us - 2 -3 kcal;
- ristretto - 1 kcal;

How harms figure

Once you add the sugar, syrup, cream or milk, the calorie content increases dramatically. Of course, if diet drinking this coffee will bring benefits. Of course, the energy provided to you, but if you spend the received power nowhere received and not spent calories will go to Fund the increase in fat mass of your body.
Coffee with additives (1 serving)
- cappuccino - 70 kcal;

latte - 95 calories;

- mocha - 150 kcal;

- like, frappuccino's - 210 calories.

Instant coffee

This kind of drink though, and are low-calorie, good body doesn't bring at all, no matter you observe a diet or not. This occurs from the fact that the composition of the instant coffee is so complex that hardly perceived by the human body. Consume 2 calories, if you get all 200 kcal. And if you imagine that you are used to drinking coffee with sugar and cream, and the Breakfast isn't complete without a couple of sandwiches and sweets, the diet simply can not out of the question.

How to calculate calories on their own (based on 1 teaspoon)

- sugar - calories 25;

- cane sugar - 15 calories;

- med - 67 kcal;

- liquid cream - 10 kcal;

- dry cream - 25 calories.

Please note that the content of protein and fat, as well as the composition of products may vary. Accordingly, the calorie content can vary both upwards and downwards. Therefore, calculating the number of calories consumed, it is better to round the result not in their favor.

Drinking coffee while on a diet it is even useful if you follow several simple rules. Should drink only ground coffee. It is not necessary to add sugar and cream. The drinking of the beverage should not exceed 2-3 servings per day.