The starch can be replaced in the dishes for various reasons. Some do it because of its calorie content, others because of intolerance, and still others for the sake of taste experiment.
Potato starch is a relative of sugar. It consists of glucose molecules joined in long chains, and has a fairly high glycemic index.

Sauces, gravies and cream soups

Starch can also be added to sauces, gravies and cream soups to thicken. The alternative to starch can be corn, buckwheat, oats, rye go pumpkin flour. Some hostesses also add in these meals is starch ground flax seed, cream or sour cream.


Starch is quite often used in the preparation of liquid fillings. It is necessary in order to give them a little thickness and density. It can replace wheat, tempuras or oatmeal, and coconut. The latter is necessary to pre-grind.
Tempura flour is a special blend of rice, wheat flour, potato starch and salt. In Japanese cuisine it is used for making hot rolls.


The starch is administered in various test species for a reason. So, in the biscuit it perfectly removes excess moisture. As a result, the baking is more airy and light. With the addition of starch significantly increases the elasticity of the dough.

The dough for cakes or pies instead of starch you can add different variety of flour, ground coconut flakes, semolina or egg. A good option can be the breadcrumbs.

In shortcrust pastry instead of starch you can put a little more flour and baking powder. Of course, it will not be able to fully replace starch, but save the situation. Meanwhile, pancake and puff pastry can go without starch.


If the recipe meatballs starch is present, you can instead add raw grated potatoes. It is perfectly cope with the role of starch because of its composition, it abounds.


Starch is an important ingredient of jelly. It depends on the degree of density of the drink. Instead of starch in jelly, you can put oat flour. His role is also perfectly cope pectin.

How to prepare starch at home

In the case of this starch you did not have at hand, and it substitutes you do not trust, try to prepare this product at home. This would require only one ingredient – raw potatoes.

The vegetable should be cleaned from the peel, grate it on a fine grater. The resulting potato mass you want to move in cheesecloth and wring out very much or some time just to take in water. After that, the water needs a bit to settle. The precipitate light shade is starch. It can be dry, but it takes time. In preparation, you can safely use wet starch.