Most often pain in the forehead is caused due to overwork and mental stress. She can go to whiskey back and spread to both eyes. Often pain in the forehead can be combined with nausea, dizziness and loss of coordination. A way out of this situation only one to avoid fatigue and mental stress, and when they occur need to try to relax.

Common causes of pain in the forehead

A very common cause of pain in the forehead is a sinus infection. In the presence of such disease patients report discomfort and tension in the affected sinus accompanied by a breathing difficulty. In addition, you may experience tearing, photophobia and discharge from the nose. Sometimes the pain may not have a specific location, accompanied by chills and weakness throughout the body. In this case we need to contact the doctor to avoid complications.

Increased intracranial pressure can cause pain in the forehead. It can be characterized by different degrees of intensity. In most cases this pain towards evening, as well as with the change of weather. It is also necessary to contact the doctor to have it examined and prescribed the right medicine.

Pain in the forehead often occurs in this disease, like sinusitis. It is usually shown in the morning and is accompanied by nasal discharge. If the disease has moved into serious form, he can change skin tone, observed swelling in the forehead, fatigue and fever. You cannot self-medicate, as it will only worsen the condition.

Rare causes of pain in the forehead

Acute meningitis in some cases leads to pain in the forehead. It is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting. With this ailment hurt to move my eyes and see the light. Another disease that has similar symptoms is fever. In any of these cases, it was necessary to seek medical help.

Infection can cause pain in the forehead. If any man has a high fever, severe fatigue and chills. In addition, it can occur in dengue fever and malaria. Cause pain can and different food additives: monosodium, glutamate, nirmin, nitrates, histamine, and others.