The difference in the number of bones in adult and child

Despite its hollow structure and porous structure, bones are the hardest material in the human body. Daily human bones are subjected to tremendous loads that do not affect its main features. Strength they can be safely compared with steel, but that's the bones weigh three times less. However such properties has only the skeleton of an adult. The bones of children are soft, flexible and elastic, and the bones of elderly people is fragile and brittle.

The exact number of bones in the human body can't even the experts. According to their observations, the skeleton adult human consists of 206-208 bones, while the skeleton of a newborn baby may include about 350 bones. It turns out that the maturation of the man some of his bones. Hence, such a significant difference in their number of adult and child. The process of connecting a honey of certain bones in the human body ends only to 22-25 years, with the last one fused collarbone. Based on this, we can conclude that the number of bones in the young man and old alike.

Not to mention that the number of bones in the human body is influenced by the individual characteristics of the structure of the skeleton, as well as various deviations in the formation of the spine. Such defects include the presence in the human body excess edges, observed primarily in boys, the extra fingers on the hands and feet, extra bones in the feet.

Interesting facts about human bones

Despite the fact that the number of bones in the body of a baby exceeds their number in an adult almost twice, some of the bones of newborn babies are simply not available. This applies, first and foremost, kneecaps. The formation of these essential components of the human skeleton occurs in children only to three-year age.

The smallest bone in the human body is located in the middle ear, the stapes, and the largest is approximately one third of the total growth of the human femur.

The coccyx is a whole group of 3-5 vertebrae fused together in the process of a growing person.

Many people think that teeth are a part of the human skeleton. In fact, these elements of the human body to the bones are irrelevant.