Perfect proportions

At different times been held in high esteem shapes. Bbw or Rubenesque Venus Botticelli hardly be considered modern standards, though at the time represented the ideal female figure. However, now the concept of the reference body rather vague. You may recall Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and Jennifer Lopez - they have different types of shapes, but all are recognized as sex symbols. At the same time, a lot of women dieting, running in the morning and uses a miracle cream to get closer to the model ideal of 90-60-90.

However, recent studies have shown that more importance is not the specific amount a certain proportion. So, the waist should be 0.6 of the volume of the hips, and beautiful Breasts should be 20-25 cm larger waist. Length perfect foot is calculated as half the growth + 10-20 cm. in addition, they must have 4 "window: at the top of the thighs, near the knee, in the upper parts of the legs between the ankle and feet. The ideal hip circumference is 0.3, and the shins - 0.2 of the magnitude of growth. And some more numbers - the amount of beautiful Breasts should not be less than 80 cm, and the reference buttocks are back at 25-30 cm.

Additions to the ideal

In addition to these parameters, there are a few additions that adorn a good figure. Of course, whatever model proportions you may possess, would make a mess of reduced muscle tone. Most men like slim, toned girls, but extremes are also not welcome. Washboard abs, pumped biceps and muscular legs does not cause delight of the stronger sex. In addition, a girl with a good figure and should have good posture. The shoulders should be upright and slightly bent, and back slightly bend backwards. Your gait should be confident - no mincing or too big steps. Also need to tidy and skin - the disadvantages are considered the cellulite, spider veins, traces of acne, plenty of ingrown hairs, too dry, sagging or pale skin. To eliminate these disadvantages, use scrubs, moisturizing creams, go to the Solarium and Spa.

If we talk about the male ideal, it is possible to celebrate long hair, gracefulness and feminine clothes. Men do not like short haircuts, bright hair colors, and fashion complex hairstyles. Most feminine hairstyle - this is a long well-groomed hair, trimmed exactly or cascade, of one natural colour. Graceful gait and gestures can be worked out, for example, dance classes. But, choosing feminine clothes, pay attention to flying chiffon skirt knee-length, classic suits and court shoes.