You will need
  • - TV
  • - satellite antenna;
  • - satellite receiver.
Route the cable from the satellite antenna to the receiver and connect to the appropriate connector on the rear panel, which is usually designated the "IF Input" or "LNB IN". Next, connect the receiver to the video input of the TV via Scart connector or a connector of type "Tulip". Not to be mistaken, try to connect the video connector to the yellow color, and sound to the black and red. Refer to the letter designations on the rear panel of the receiver.
Turn on the receiver. Guided by the manual for your TV, set it to the correct channel. If you do it right, you will see on the screen with the logo of the receiver. Here you will find the list of satellite channels that you have subscribed. Cause usually you can also press "Menu" and then the "OK" button that you find on the remote control to the receiver or on the front panel of the device. In settings, select Russian language, and then set the appropriate time parameters, and video output. If the device asks for a PIN code, try entering 1234 or the combination 0000.
Go to menu settings satellite. Select the satellite and enter the appropriate port. This is usually DiSEqC. From the instruction to the receiver to find out what inputs you are connecting a satellite converters, and then set the appropriate values in the menu. Scan the satellite signal by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control or by selecting the item in the settings menu. Please note that modern TVs have the ability to scan the satellite signal, and various channels, therefore signal transmission can begin immediately after selecting the desired satellite. Don't forget to save your settings.