"Union of red front": the working-defense

"Rot Front" was a Union of social Democrats, Communists and non-party workers under the age of twenty-three years. For young people there was a so-called "Red front youth". Both related and similar goals of the Union by the end of 20-ies, numbered in its ranks more than two hundred thousand members. Headed "rot Front", one of the leaders of the German Communist Ernst Thalmann. Under his leadership, created the branches of the Union in individual enterprises. The organization had its own newspaper called "the Red front".

Among the members of the organization "rot Front" had its own special greeting. It consisted in pronouncing the name of the Union, which was accompanied by smartly raising the right forearm with a balled fist with his hand. Fist raised, therefore, was a symbol of the power of the working class, its durability and strength, which gave Union workers. Thanks to its cohesion "rot Front" was very popular in the working environment.

Tasks of the working of the Union was to protect workers ' organizations from fascist thugs, the maintenance of order during meetings, rallies and demonstrations. "Rot Front" actively involved in exposing the militaristic plans of the nascent German fascism. In fact, the "Union of red front" was the core of a single front. In may 1929 the organization was banned, after which the Union acted illegally, having existed before the establishment of the power of the Nazis in 1933.

"Rot Front" and modernity

The tradition of the labor movement of Germany is reflected in the modern Russian reality. In February 2010, the leftist activists announced the creation of a political party, dubbed "the MOUTH Front". The title used abbreviation that stands for "Russian United labour front". With the German "Union of red front" this organization unites not only the assonance in the name, but also political goals.

Before becoming an officially recognized Union, the Russian "rot Front" went through several rejections. The Ministry of justice of Russia does not hurry to give the left the Union the status of a political party, each time finding in the submitted documents, the conformity to the requirements of the legislation. The official registration of the party of left forces was completed in early December 2012.