The standard way

The functionality of the site "Vkontakte" there is an item "Remove from friends". It can be found on the website of each by scrolling it to the bottom. In addition, to remove a friendly relationship with the user is possible and from the submenu "My friends".

However, it is worth note that in recent updates, the social network removes your subscription to his news. So the person goes from a rank of "Friend" in the rank "Subscriber" and continues to see updates from your account "Vkontakte" in the news.

How to remove the subscriber "Vkontakte"?

To stop unwanted subscription, you must go to the "My subscribers" (it is on your page, under the main photo) and press the x in the upper right corner of the avatar's former friend. But in this case, the user will be able to add your page to your bookmarks, view your news, like and repost them.


Once and for all to say goodbye to the annoying friend you can use blacklist. Adding to person you completely block him access to his page.

The user was you in the black list, you must select "Block" in the lower part of his account. In case someday your friendship will be restored, to be reopened is possible via the tab "blacklist" in the "My settings".

Mass deletion of friends "Vkontakte"

If you urgently needed to clean the friends list, you do not need to go to each page and delete manually. It is possible to use special programs and scripts that allow you to instantly remove several people. One such program is VkBot, the functionality of which there is an option of mass deletion based on specified criteria. However, such applications should be used with caution, because they can disturb the stable functions of the site and even compromise your username and password.

It is possible, removing friends from your page in social network "Vkontakte", you will come to understand that virtual friendship is not something to which one should aspire in their lives. Then an ideal way to instantly clean the entire friends list will not be downloading any particular application, and simple removal of your account.